Clips & Pix: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/Route 66

This post spontaneously came about after I had “chatted” earlier with fellow blogger Music Enthusiast about Route 66 and my bucket list item to travel the mother road in a bad ass ’69 Mustang Fastback, a great stereo and plenty of music one of these years – I know, it sounds very cliche!

Various artists I dig, such as Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones and Them (Featuring Van Morrison), come to mind as having performed covers of the song about the famous road. Composed by Bobby Troup in 1946, the R&B standard was first recorded by Nat King Cole’s King Cole Trio that same year.

The above clip was captured during a live performance by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers in June 1977 in Cologne, Germany, on the German TV music show Rockpalast. Love the Stonesey sound and also seem to hear a bit of Dylan in Petty’s singing. Oh man, I miss the guy – he was the real deal!

Sources: Wikipedia, Rockpalast Archive, YouTube

2 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/Route 66”

  1. Rock’n’Roll ist Rock’n’Roll, den darf jede Band vortragen, wie sie will: Ob überproduziert, ob laut, ob fein, ob dünn. Hauptsache, es wirkt echt. Man muss die Lebensfreude und die Fitness der musizierenden Körper heraushören! Hier ist das natürlich der Fall.


  2. The sad thing is we’re losing those guys that felt a deep connection to early rock and roll. As we saw with the Grammys, Gary Clark and Baptiste are somewhat still carrying that torch. But for how long?

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