Clips & Pix: Sonny Landreth & Derek Trucks/Congo Square

If you’re into electric slide guitar blues, check out this clip captured during Eric Clapton’s 2013 Crossroads blues festival, showing two of the finest artists in that genre: Sonny Landreth and Derek Trucks – damn!

Trucks, part of the Tedeschi Trucks Band and former member of The Allman Brothers Band, probably needs no further introduction. I’m not sure the same can be said about Landreth, who I don’t believe is widely known beyond blues circles. Admittedly, I wasn’t aware of this ace slide guitarist either, until a good friend recommended that I check him out – BTW, the same friend who told me about this new Tom Petty live box set covered in my previous post. If you like Petty, you’re going to love this!

Congo Square was co-written by Landreth, Mel Melton and David Ranson. Melton heads a blues band with the awesome name The Wicked Mojos. Ranson is a bassist, who frequently plays with Landreth and is also in the clip. The tune appears on Landreth’s fourth studio album South Of I-10, which was released in 1995. You can bet I’m going to check out additional music from him!

Sources: Wikipedia, YouTube

7 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Sonny Landreth & Derek Trucks/Congo Square”

  1. Excellent choice. I wrote about this song a while back but I posted the Neville Brothers version which I really love. Check it out if you have a chance. Sonny was a big Duane fan, so much so that he used to carry around a piece of the shirt Duane wore on the Layla sessions. He lost it or it was stolen and somehow he managed to get another piece. So his affinity to the Allmans is understood.

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      1. I think Clapton come around at the perfect time. He helped “invent” electric blues and there was a ready audience for it. His music (with Cream, etc.) was on the charts. And then he went pop and reinvented himself for a whole new audience. Landreth, on the other hand, came along a little later when all the blues gods were already established. And then he never went for the hits and so remained somewhat underground. Some guys are perfectly content to be less in the limelight. I think Sonny is one of those guys.

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      2. While Sonny may not be interested in the limelight, I can tell you firsthand there’s been lots of love for him and Derek when I tweeted about my post. Landreth himself or whoever runs his Twitter handle even retweeted one of the reactions I received!

        Views of the post are through the roof, comparatively speaking. Usually, I don’t care that much about traffic, but this one does make me happy. It’s great to get reassured that while blues is no longer in the mainstream, a significant amount of folks still seem to care about it .

        It also once again drives home the point that truly good music will stand the test of time!

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    1. I’ve started exploring his album that are in Apple Music. Frankly, he had not been on my radar screen. His slide guitar is very intriguing and I suppose pretty unique. His voice isn’t bad either; in fact, occasionally, it reminds me a bit of Paul Simon, another artist I like.

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