Clips & Pix: Dr. Feelgood/Down At The Doctors

Earlier today, I came across Down At The Doctors, a tune by British pub rockers Dr. Feelgood I’ve always liked. The song, which was written by Mickey Jupp, is the opener of Private Practice, the band’s sixth studio album from October 1978.

The first time I heard Down At The Doctors was the great version from Dr. Feelgood’s live album As It Happens, released in June 1979. The clip looks like it could be from around that time. It features the band’s co-founder and original lead vocalist and harmonica player Lee Brilleaux. He passed away from cancer in April 1994.

Dr. Feelgood is still around and has a busy touring schedule, though the current line-up includes none of the original members.

Sources: Wikipedia, YouTube

8 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Dr. Feelgood/Down At The Doctors”

    1. Genau, das Mundharmonika-Solo ist Klasse. Dazu paßt der Telecaster-Sound der Lead-Gitarre perfekt. Insgesamt ist diese Nummer voller Energie. Dies live miterlebt zu haben muß Klasse gewesen sein.

      Wo ich gerade an die Zeit zurückdenke, als ich Dr. Feelgood das erste Mal im Radio gehört habe mit “Milk And Alcohol” als dreizehn- oder vierzehnjähriger.

      Wie hieß es seinerzeit so schön? “Geil!”

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    1. I kind of rediscovered these guys the other day. If you like this tune, you probably would also enjoy their 1979 live album “As It Happens,” which focuses on their first few albums.

      Dr. Feelgood are in the same genre than Graham Parker & The Rumour, but their sound is edgier and more blues rock-oriented.

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  1. It’s funny how these things work out but I was just discussing their original guitarist, Wilko Johnson over at my blog. And while I’d heard of this band, they were a vague and distant group to me, having had little impact here in the States. And yet, the only reason I knew any of that was because I just read a book (more later) about pop and they had some stuff on Feelgood. (British author.)


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