Roger Daltrey Releases Second Track From Upcoming Solo Album

Today, Roger Daltrey released How Far, the second single from his upcoming new studio release As Long As I Have You. This follows a March 15 announcement of the record, his ninth solo album, which coincided with the release of the title track as the lead single.

How Far was written by Stephen Stills and first appeared on the eponymous debut album from Manassas in April 1972. Manassas was a short-lived rock band Stills had formed in the fall of 1971. They only recorded one more album, Down The Road, released in May 1973, before they dissolved in October that year.

Daltrey does a great job with the tune. His voice still sounds amazing. Other covers on the upcoming album include Into My Arms (Nick Cave), You Haven’t Done Nothing (Stevie Wonder) and the title track (Garnet Mimms). There are also some original tunes. Pete Townshend contributes guitar on seven of the 11 tracks.

Roger Daltrey_As Long As I Have You Vinyl

Daltrey calls the record a soul album: “This is a return to the very beginning, to the time before Pete [Townshend] started writing our songs, to a time when we were a teenage band playing soul music to small crowds in church halls,” he said. “That’s what we were, a soul band. And now, I can sing soul with all the experience you need to sing it. Life puts the soul in. I’ve always sung from the heart but when you’re 19, you haven’t had the life experience with all its emotional trials and traumas that you have by the time you get to my age.” Townshend added, “It shows Roger at the height of his powers as a vocalist.”

The record was produced by Dave Eringa, with whom Daltrey had previously worked on Going Back Home, his excellent 2014 collaborative album with British blues rock guitarist Wilko Johnson. Set for release on June 1, As Long As I Have You will be available on a number of formats including CD, 180g Black Vinyl, Limited 180g Red Vinyl housed in Polydor Disco Bag (available exclusively via and Digital. I’ll be sure to look out for it!

Sources: Wikipedia, The Who official website, YouTube


7 thoughts on “Roger Daltrey Releases Second Track From Upcoming Solo Album”

    1. Basiered auf Daltreys Aeusserungen als die neue Scheibe angekuendigt wurde sieht es in der Tat danach aus.

      Die erste Single (der Titelsong) ist uebrigens ebenfalls sehr vielversprechend und gefaellt mir eigentlich noch besser als “How Far” – Klasse Soul-Sound. Hier ist ein Clip.

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      1. Danke für den Link! Der Titelsong drückt aus, wofür das ganze Vorgänger-Album “Going Back Home” (mit Wilko Johnson) steht: spielfreudiger Blues-Rock, der nicht zu schräg ist und nicht knarzig auf die Tränendrüse drückt.

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      2. Erst nachdem ich auf Daltreys neues Album aufmerksam geworden war, “entdeckte” ich die Scheibe mit Wilko Johnson, da beide Alben von Dave Eringa produziert wurden.

        Ich stimme Dir voll zu, dieses Kollaborationsalbum hat richtig knackige Musik. Johnson hatte einen super Sound – es ist ein Jammer, daß er so früh verstorben ist!

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      3. Wilko Johnson lebt! 2012 wurde bei ihm Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs diagnostiziert… und er hat einfach weitergemacht, ohne zu sterben. Und er hat ein interessantes Buch geschrieben (“Don’t You Leave Me Here”).

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