Clips & Pix: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band/Born To Run and Dancing In The Dark

The other day, I was discussing Bruce Springsteen with fellow music blogger hotfox63 and one of his readers, who unfortunately had a bad sound experience with a show by The Boss in Germany. Yesterday, while cleaning my smartphone, I discovered the above clip I took from a gig Springsteen did with The E Street Band in late August 2016 during The River Tour.

I think this footage perfectly illustrates why Springsteen usually is such a compelling performer – because he visibly enjoys leaving it all on stage for his fans.  Yes, obviously, an artist needs some talent to be good, but what truly makes music exciting is genuine artist engagement, and Springsteen is all about that. I mean, just watch the guy – how can you not love that? It doesn’t even matter that the second tune in this medley, Dancing In The Dark, isn’t Springsteen’s strongest song, at least in my opinion.

Born To Run is the title track of Springsteen’s third studio album from August 1975, which was his commercial breakthrough. Dancing In The Dark is from Born In The U.S.A., his seventh and most successful studio record. The song was also one of seven tracks from the album, which were released as singles, and it became his highest charting hit on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at no. 2.

Sources: Wikipedia, YouTube

4 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band/Born To Run and Dancing In The Dark”

  1. I wonder if The Boss has ever given a less than 100% show? I can’t see him every just going through the motions. I caught him on the tail end of The River Tour and was disappointed that by that time The River Tour had nothing to do with The River album but he did give it his all that night even though I wasn’t thrilled with the song selection.

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    1. It was the same with “my show.” I think he only played one or two tunes from The River album. Ironically, I had been listening to that record back and forth leading up to the concert, so I’d be better familiar with the tunes!🤓

      No question, it would have been nice if he had played more songs from the album, but I still loved the show!

      Springsteen really is a one of a kind performer – the passion, the joy, how he engages with the audience.

      If you watch the entire clip, which admittedly is very long, you can see how he is pulling fans from the audience on stage and grooving with them. And while I’m sure that not all is left to coincidence, it doesn’t look forced either.

      Afterwards, I read somewhere that at 3 hours and 58 minutes, “my concert” had set a new record. But it only took Springsteen a couple of days to beat it by a few minutes in Philly!

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      1. I can’t recall how long the Pittsburgh show was but I do know that they turned the lights on while he was still playing– and he kept right on playing. I guess he didn’t take the hint! He does give you your money’s worth! Not everyone does.

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