Clips & Pix: The Doobie Brothers/Listen To The Music

With my Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan show being out less than one week, both bands are increasingly on my mind. Earlier today, I also saw on Facebook that 46 years ago today on July 1, 1972, The Doobies released their second studio album Toulouse Street, which included the above gem as the opener. Other standouts on the record are Rockin’ Down The Highway and Jesus Is Just Alright.

The Doobie Brothers 2018
(Left to right) John McFee, Tom Johnston & Patrick Simmons

Listen To The Music was written by guitarist and vocalist Tom Johnston. Together with Patrick Simmons (guitar, vocals) he remains as a co-founding member of The Doobies’ current lineup. Multi-instrumentalist John McFee, who joined in early 1979, is the band’s third permanent member. The current touring lineup also features Bill Payne (keyboards), Marc Russo (saxophone), Ed Tooth (drums) and John Cowan (bass, vocals).

Based on reviews I’ve seen, The Doobies are getting high marks for sounding great and including their best known songs in their set. That’s pretty much the same I recall from seeing them once before some 18-20 years ago. Can’t wait to listen to the music again!

Sources: Wikipedia, The Doobie Brothers official website, YouTube


4 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: The Doobie Brothers/Listen To The Music”

    1. I dig the harmony singing on “Listen To The Music.” Of course, if you use that yardstick, most Doobie songs would qualify!😀

      I also dig the tunes you called out. In fact, I pretty much like their first six albums and “Cycles” from 1989 – the record featuring “The Doctor.”


      1. Ironically, while I really got a ticket to see Steely Dan, ironically, The Doobies might turn out to be the better band, at least if you go by the majority of the reviews I’ve seen. I really dig Steely Dan, so hoping that Fagen has a great night.

        Ultimately, many of reviews are subjective, and concert/sound experiences can also very much depend on the venue and your spot relative to the stage.

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