Clips & Pix: Greta Van Fleet/When The Curtain Falls

A few weeks ago, Greta Van Fleet released this new blistering single, When The Curtain Falls. Last Tuesday, the four young guys from Frankenmuth, MI had their TV debut with the song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, blowing the roof off the place. You can also watch that performance on YouTube here; the reason I didn’t use the clip for this post is my concern that the link might go dead soon, and I just hate when this happens!

I previously wrote about Greta Van Fleet here in the wake of their second EP From The Fires. I believe the band when they say they’re not trying to copy Led Zeppelin but instead acknowledge the band as one of their influences. Still, listening to these guys does feel like traveling back in time to January 1969 when Zeppelin released their eponymous debut album. Greta Van Fleet’s high-energy kick-ass rock makes them one of the hottest young bands I know of.

The band is working on their first full-length studio album, which is anticipated to appear sometime before the end of the year. I’ll be on the lookout for that one. Until then, their website shows a pretty intense tour schedule between now and November, with dates in the U.S., Japan and Europe.

Sources: Wikipedia, Greta Van Fleet website, YouTube

7 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Greta Van Fleet/When The Curtain Falls”

      1. The similarity to early Led Zeppelin is undeniable. While the band acknowledges Zeppelin is one of their influences, they also say they are not trying to copy them. Since I like Zeppelin, frankly, I don’t mind if they sound similar.😀

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  1. Yeah, I like rhese guys but frankly I think it’s total bullshit they’re not trying to BE Zep. I love that they’re bringing back a classic rock sound. But I think it would behoove them to develop their own thing.

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    1. Whether they’re actually doing it on purpose or not, I think they are a hot new band. Frankly, if somebody emerged and sounded like Jimi Hendrix, I wouldn’t have a problem with it either!

      That being said, I think you are right that ultimately a more unique sound would probably help their staying power. While the Zep sound undoubtedly put them on the map, people might start losing their excitement.


      1. Exactly my point. Plus like it or not, resentment builds. IMHO, a smart move is to start there, then build. They called Springsteen the new Dylan but he cleverly got away from that.

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