Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul/ Blues Is My Business

The other day, Soulfire Live! popped up in my music streaming service as a listening suggestion. The excellent live album by Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul, which came out in April this year and captures their 2017 tour, is right up my alley. One of my favorite tunes on this record is Blues Is My Business.

Co-written by Kevin Bowe and Kevin Cerney, the tune was first recorded by Etta James for her 2003 album Let’s Roll. The man with the bandana is a cool dude and The Disciples Of Soul are one freaking hell of a backing band. Watching the above footage, which apparently was captured only 10 days ago, makes me want to see them again.

Sources: Wikipedia, YouTube


5 thoughts on “Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul/ Blues Is My Business”

  1. I think they will be putting out another record and touring again in 2019. I think LS wants to do as much solo stuff as he can before Bruce gets the E st band back up touring. 😀

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    1. Well, putting out another album in 2019 would make it only two years after Soulfire, a dramatically shorter gap than the 18 years between Soulfire and Born Again Savage!😆

      That being said, I wouldn’t mind another Little Steven album in 2019, especially if would be similar to Soulfire, which I really dig!

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  2. I heard that blues guitar and I thought, shit! Who is playing that? And it was Van Zandt. Not that I didn’t know he was a good player but I have never once heard him play blues. Really good stuff. Bruce does zero blues but I wish in a four-hour show he would let VZ (not to mention himself and Lofgren) cut loose on a blues like this.

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    1. I totally dig that tune, both the Etta James original and this cover, and agree Van Zandt is doing a nice job. I also think the Disciples of Soul are a great band with a kick-ass horn section and terrific backing vocalists. Both add a nice dose of soul.

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