Pix & Clips: Brit Floyd At Red Rocks

Alerted by a post on Facebook, I just bought a ticket to see Brit Floyd, an incredibly well sounding Pink Floyd tribute band, at the end of March at Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem, Pa. The above clip, which clearly looks like a professional production, captures an entire Brit Floyd gig from August 2013 at the breathtaking Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Other than the amphitheater in Pompeii, Italy, there’s hardly a cooler venue I can think of to enjoy Pink Floyd music!

Based on their Facebook page, Brit Floyd hail from Liverpool, England, where they were founded in January 2011. The band’s mighty line-up includes Damian Darlington (guitar, vocals, musical director), Tom Ashbrook (keyboards), Arran Ahmun (drums), Ola Bienkowska (vocals), Ian Cattell  (bass, vocals), Angela Cervantes (vocals), Jay Davidson (saxophones, guitars, percussion, keyboards), Roberta Freeman (vocals), Emily Jollands (vocals), Karl Penney (drums), Edo Scordo  (guitar, vocals),  Amy Smith (vocals), Rob Stringer (keyboards, vocals) and Jacquie Williams (vocals). That’s 14 people – perhaps they should have called themselves “Brit Floyd Orchestra”! 

I surely will have more to say about this impressive band once I’ve seen them myself.

Sources: Facebook, YouTube

5 thoughts on “Pix & Clips: Brit Floyd At Red Rocks”

  1. Sonny Boy and I are going to see them as well in May. With fourteen people up there, would it hurt if you snuck your guitar in? You could slip onstage when nobody’s looking and take over on the solo to “Comfortably Numb.”

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    1. Based on the clip, I feel Brit Floyd are a notch up from Echoes, another great Pink Floyd tribute band I’ve seen twice.

      As for “Comfortably Numb,” over my Christmas-New Year’s break I’ve downloaded an app from Fender, which essentially provides lessons for electric and acoustic guitar, bass and ukelele. I’ve been fooling around with it with my cheap electric Fender copy, so beware what you wish for! 🙂


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