Pix & Clips: Buddy Guy/Whiskey, Beer & Wine

I happened to listen again to this great blues rocker this morning. I previously mentioned it a few times on the blog, most recently in December 2017. So, yes, I’m plagiarizing myself, but hey, it’s been almost two and a half years. Plus, with so many of us being stuck at home, aren’t we ready for a dose of alcohol? Of course, everything in moderation! 🙂

Buddy Guy co-wrote this great tune with longtime collaborator Tom Hambridge for his 17th studio album Born to Play Guitar from July 2015. Hambridge also produced this gem, played drums, percussion, tambourine, triangle and wind chimes, and provided backing vocals – quite an overachiever!

I just love Whiskey, Beer & Wine – the main guitar riff, the funky groove, Guy’s vocals. To me, it almost feels like listening to a Jimi Hendrix reincarnation. If you dig blues rock, I can highly recommend the entire record, which won a Grammy Award for Best Blues Album in 2016.

Born to Play Guitar came out one day after Buddy Guy’s 78th birthday. I’d be happy if I make it until age 78 and can still hold my guitar, not to speak of playing the instrument! I’ve seen Guy twice and he’s just phenomenal. Now 83 years old, he’s still going strong – unbelievable! If you feel like watching more, check out this clip from February this year – damn, from what planet did this man come from?

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube

11 thoughts on “Pix & Clips: Buddy Guy/Whiskey, Beer & Wine”

  1. I can’t believe he still has his chops being this old. I’ve never been fortunate enough to see him… I love his performance on “Festival Express”…you probably have seen it but if you haven’t…it’s worth a watch. He plays so aggressive and walks through the crowd.

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      1. Isn’t it cool? That’s why I reposted it.

        Strangely, Guy didn’t perform the tune during both gigs I saw him, not even the first one that was part of the tour that supported the “Born to Play the Guitar” album.

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      2. It was and he was wailing on that guitar! I mean I know he is a great player but at this age to be just tearing it up is surprising. Age hasn’t limited him much at all.
        That is odd.

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      3. I know. First of all, you got to reach the ‘80s – okay, I guess nowadays the prospects aren’t too bad, even for guys. But then, as you said, to play guitar like this is really something.

        I guess I’ll be happy if I can still hold a guitar when I’m 83!😆

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      4. If I’m breathing and above ground…I’ll be happy lol. Yea if I can hold my guitar…all the better!


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