Clips & Pix: Little Richard/Long Tall Sally & Tutti Frutti

I just saw the sad news that Little Richard passed away today at the age of 87. The cause of his death hasn’t been announced.

Born Richard Wayne Penniman in Macon, Ga. on December 5, 1932, Richard was one of my all-time favorite classic rock & roll music artists. In addition to writing and co-writing many rock & roll gems, Richard was an incredibly compelling performer.

Long Tall Sally, co-written with Robert “Bumps” Blackwell and Enotris Johnson, and released in March 1956; and Tutti Frutti, a co-write with Dorothy LaBostrie that appeared in October 1955, are among my favorites.

Little Richard certainly deserves more than just a quick notice and I’m planning to follow this up with a longer post.

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube

12 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Little Richard/Long Tall Sally & Tutti Frutti”

  1. What a voice this man had…he influenced so many. My father grew up in the 50s and he told me how great of voice this man had…The man could sing blues, ballads, rock, and I bet if he wanted to… hard rock.

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      1. He was a great performer…Just a month or so ago…I was reading some interviews from different artits….Lemmy from Motorhead was a huge fan of him and said he was a big influence on him… He touched a lot of generations.
        I’m going to do a post tomorrow. If he wouldn’t have retired during his prime in the 50s he would have had more hits. By the time he started singing rock again…going to England and Hamburg no one wanted to hear anything new.

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      2. Apart from his great voice and high-energy performance, I think he also was a really talented showman. In this regard, he reminds me a bit of Chuck Berry.

        Rock & roll undoubtedly wouldn’t have been the same without those two artists. Of course, there were others as well…

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      3. And Jerry Lee Lewis…is still going…that is something with the life he has lead…
        You are right…he was a great showman. Fats, Richard, Berry, Lewis, Elvis, Orbison and Perkins…Great performers.

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      4. That is the truth Christian. It’s a shame it takes death at times to revisit their music. They influence most if not all of the bands we like.

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  2. I just saw cause of death- bone cancer… what an outrageous performer- I don’t think anyone has come along since that tops him for shock value – he was in a league of his own.

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    1. Yep, just read the bone cancer connection as well.

      I think “outrageous” is a good description. An African American gay man with mascara in crazy clothes – and all of this in the south back in the ’50s!

      Richard certainly did not appear to lack self-confidence in many of his statements. But while no one artist invented rock & roll, there can be no doubt that Richard was one of the architects. And the energy that came across in his performances – unbelievable!

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