Clips & Pix: Steve Winwood/Gimme Some Lovin’

It’s safe to assume not all visitors of the blog are on Facebook, given the platform clearly is a mixed blessing, so my apologies in advance to those who may not be able to watch this clip of Steve Winwood performing a socially distanced, yet smoking hot version of Gimme Some Lovin’. When I saw the footage on my Facebook this morning, it literally made my day, since I also had just learned that the Winwood & Steely Dan concert I was supposed to see this July 10 has been rescheduled for July 3, 2021.

Don’t get me wrong, as bummed as I am, undoubtedly, the concert organizer made the right decision, as the country is still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. Given nobody knows yet how much additional damage the hastened re-opening we’re currently witnessing will do, it simply would have been irresponsible to ask folks to convene at PNC Bank Arts Center, a great outdoor amphitheater-type venue in Holmdel, N.J., which holds more than 17,000 people between seats and the lawn area.

The video was posted on Winwood’s Facebook page with the comment, “Looking forward to touring with this band and to seeing you all soon” – SW.” If I were Winwood, I sure as heck would be excited about these musicians as well – they truly rock and include Nate Williams (bass), Tristan Banks (drums), Paul Booth (piano, backing vocals) and Edward Sanz (congas). Obviously, Winwood provides lead vocals and his roaring Hammond. As an aside, he also is a pretty good guitarist, which I had not fully appreciated until I saw him live for the first time four or five years ago.

Gimme Some Lovin’ was co-written by Steve Winwood, his older brother Muff Winwood and Spencer Davis, and released as a single in October 1966. It became the second major hit for the Spencer Davis Group. BTW, Windwood was 18 years at the time. Today, 54 years later, he sounds as great as ever.

Sources: Wikipedia; Steve Winwood Facebook page


13 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Steve Winwood/Gimme Some Lovin’”

      1. You’re in the Nashville area, right? Winwood is supposed to play Memphis Botanic Garden with Steely Dan on June 19, 2021. I think this gig is the closest to you – should be a great show.

        I realize that’s roughly 240 miles from Nashville. But, hey, I drove 5 hours to Boston in July 2018 to see Neil Young solo. Admittedly, I may be a bit nuts, but I had never seen Neil and I’m a pretty big fan, so I had to do it! 🙂

        As for Steely Dan, I saw them twice in 2018. They were fantastic! Unlike some reports I had read suggested, Donald Fagen was in great shape, including his vocals.

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      2. No you are not nuts…if you are then I am. I drove hours to see U2 in Birmingham and The Who in Atlanta.

        I would drive to Memphis…thats not that bad at all. About the same as Atlanta. You would think he would come here.

        We were going to see the Stones in Nashville this month…was about to buy the tickets and then this virus happened.

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      3. Dang it regarding the Stones. I think Nashville is one of the dates they are planning to reschedule – I assume to sometime next year.

        I saw them last August for the second time after Oct 2005. It was a great show, though I have to say Keith and Charlie looked really frail. But Mick was as amazing as ever, especially considering he had undergone heart valve replacement 3 months earlier! Plus, overall, the band sounded great!

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      4. I’ve seen them twice as well…in 96 and 2006…My son Bailey has never seen them but he saw Paul McCartney, Ringo, The Who, and Dylan so they are left.
        When Keith fell out of that tree and had to have surgery…he has looked sort of rough…well rough for him.

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      5. Keith has kind of looked rough pretty much since I can remember him. It’s actually quite amazing he’s still alive!

        I heard the poor man suffers from arthritis. That’s definitely tough when you’re a guitarist!

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  1. When my son and I saw the Stones last year they had gigantic screens and unfortunately, not really good coordination with the guys projecting the show. They showed enormous close-ups of Keef playing and he was barely moving. Let’s not embarrass the guy, shall we? Woody was cooking and outplayed him 12 to 1.

    Always loved this song. Really, really cooks. And at the risk of sounding like I’m Stones-bashing, this beats the hell out of the Stones anemic “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” on TV recently.

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    1. Obwohl ich mich über diesen Song schon in der Vergangenheit mindestens ein oder zweimal ausgelassen hatte, war dieser Clip einfach zu gut, um ihn zu “ignorieren.”

      Winwoods Stimme und die Hammond klingen immer noch fantastisch. Und der Song ist einfach oberaffengeil!😀

      Ich freue mich bereits riesig auf das Konzert zusammen mit Steely Dan, welches nun für nächsten Juli anberaumt ist – in der Hoffnung, daß Winwood und Donald Fagen bei entsprechender Gesundheit bleiben werden!

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  2. Winwood is drinking out of the fountain of youth. A CB favorite. I have been on one long journey with this guy. I likw all stages of his career. This is where it started. Just a feel good song.


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