Clips & Pix: Southern Avenue/80 Miles From Memphis

Prompted by a clip of Southern Avenue on Facebook, I spontaneously decided to do another post on 80 Miles From Memphis. I’ve dug this band and this song since I listened to their eponymous debut album about three years ago, which was released on the re-activated Stax Records label.

Southern Avenue from Memphis, Tenn. blend elements of traditional blues and Stax-style soul with contemporary R&B. The band’s first album and this tune have a more traditional sound, while their sophomore release Keep On from May 2019 is more funk and R&B-oriented. I can highly recommend both records!

80 Miles From Memphis was written by the band’s guitarist Ori Naftaly, who originally is a blues guitarist from Israel. In 2015, he decided to relocate to Memphis where he formed Southern Avenue with vocalist Tierinii Jackson and her sister Tikyra Jackson (drums, backing vocals). You can read more about the band’s remarkable background story and a great concert I attended in New York in August 2018 here.

I saw Southern Avenue a second time in Asbury Park, N.J. in July 2019 and posted about it here. Both gigs proved the band is a strong live act. I’m definitely planning to see them again when the opportunity arises and the time is right.

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube

12 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Southern Avenue/80 Miles From Memphis”

  1. “I’ve dug these guys since I first heard them on Music Enthusiasts blues roundup” might be more accurate. I had tickets to see them last month but it’s been postponed. Really need to do something about your memory for names. it’s good practice in the blogosphere to give credit where credit is due.

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Jim. Frankly, I oftentimes can’t remember what I did the previous day, so recalling a blog post from almost three years ago is a tough proposition. 🙂 I simply forgot!

      But, you’re right and I always aim to give credit. In fact, I’m glad I previously credited your blues roundup post in this Southern Avenue post from August 2017:

      Sadly, the reason I know this isn’t because of my brilliant memory, but since I looked it up. Coz when you flagged I should have mentioned your post, I vaguely recalled that I already had done so. And I only give credit once! 🙂


      1. That’s fair. I don’t expect you to mention me every time. But if I were doing a “first time I heard this” retro, I’d call out the source again. Different philosophies on that maybe. Anyway, no harm, no foul. I have tix to see them as mentioned, but now it’s in the fall. As likely as not I will dump them. I won’t be going to gatherings of any sort till there is a vaccine. If that’s 10 years from now, so be it.

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      2. I was actually joking about giving credit only once.

        As for resuming going to gigs, I hear you. Luckily all my “big ticket” shows for this year were all rescheduled until April, June and July 2021. By then, I hope going to concerts won’t pose a reckless risk.

        One annually recurring music event I’ve really come to dig is the Rock the Farm tribute festival at the end of September. As far as I know it’s still on for this year.

        While it’s not comparable to going to some big stadium, it still is a crowded gathering. If it happens, I’ll make my final decision at the last minute.

        BTW, historically, Southern Avenue have toured through most of the year. So even if they come to your area in the fall, there’s a good chance they’ll be back as early as sometime next year. They’re definitely a fun act to watch live!


  2. Love that guitar going on… I could just listen to the backing track and be happy! He is everywhere and right on the mark. It has some some rockabilly in it…love it! Great pick man.

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    1. Me too, which is why I did something I rarely do: post about the same song twice!

      Southern Avenue are a pretty cool band and definitely one of my favorite contemporary groups. And they super nice and normal people as well.

      I had a chance to chat with them when I went to see them.

      If you like this tune, I would definitely encourage you to check out their two albums, especially their eponymous debut. I bet you’re gonna dig it!

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      1. I was hooked as you saw on the guitar alone. That is cool that they are nice as well as people.
        I will check it out. Good driving music.

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      2. Frankly, while I dig the music, I think I like their vocals even more.

        The band’s lead vocalist who is a tiny person has an incredible voice.

        Check out “Don’t Give Up” from the debut album. Her singing gives me goosebumps!

        And her sister, who is their drummer, does a pretty good job as well on backing vocals.

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      3. I checked out a studio and live version of Don’t Give Up. Her voice shines right through. I love the call and response part of it also. It’s like a gospel/blues song…loved it!

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      4. Tierinii Jackson is a strong vocalist. And, surely enough, when I asked her where she learned how to sing like this, she told me “in church.” As did her sister Tikyra Jackson, who is their drummer.

        So, yep, there’s a good dose of gospel vibe in their singing, but also some more contemporary R&B. It’s perhaps more prevalent on Southern Avenue’s second album.

        Guitarist Ori Naftaly is the blues guy in the band. It’s really cool how they mix different genres. For example, check out “Keep On.”


  3. Keep On is a cool track. I just checked it out. Her voice is great and the drumming is really cool. They do mix genres really well.

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