Larkin Poe Largely Stick to Their Great Old Guns on New Album

“Self Made Man” mostly features sister act’s familiar brand of roots-oriented blues rock

While breaking new ground can be exciting, sometimes it makes sense to stick to your old guns, especially if your fire power is as mighty as the raw and high-energy roots-oriented blues rock by Larkin Poe. And that’s pretty much what sisters Megan Lovell and Rebecca Lovell have decided to do on their fifth full-length studio album Self Made Man, which appeared today.

I really dig Larkin Poe, so if you’ve visited the blog in recent weeks, chances are you’ve seen some of my previous posts. If you’re new to this band, which at its core is the Lovell sisters, and would like some background, you can find it here. Without further ado, let’s get to some music.

The album kicks off with what essentially is the title track: She’s a Self Made Man. Co-written by the sisters, this tasty blues rocker nicely sets the stage for the record. Typically, Rebecca takes the role of the front woman, providing lead vocals and guitar, while her 2-year-older sister Megan plays smoking lap steel fill-ins and sings backing vocals. Here’s the official video.

I’m going to skip the next three tunes – Holy Ghost Fire, Keep Diggin’ and Back Down South – since I already previously covered them here, here and here. Together with the title track, each of these songs already appeared as singles leading up to the release of the album. Instead, here’s Tears of Blue to Gold, another co-write by the sisters, which illustrates Larkin Poe isn’t a pure breed southern blues rock one-trick pony but also blends in other music styles – in this case country rock.

Every Bird That Flies introduces some keyboards, which I understand are played by Rebecca as well. This adds some welcome variety to the soundscape. The other standout to me here is Megan’s lap steel work. The sisters co-wrote this tune with singer-songwriter Pat McLaughlin, who like them is based in Nashville, Tenn. It’s got a cool vibe.

Next up: Scorpion written by Rebecca. This tune has a great riff and a nice driving beat. Check it out!

The last track I’d like to highlight is the album’s closer Easy Street. Co-written by Rebecca and Megan with Tony Esterly, another Nashville-based singer-songwriter, the tune is an interesting mix of gospel, country and blues. It’s also a nice illustration that Megan and Rebecca sound great harmonizing together.

According to this review by Glide Magazine, other musicians on the album include Tarka Layman (bass on three tunes) and Kevin McGowan (percussion). In addition, blues rock artist Tyler Bryant plays lead guitar on Back Down South.

Like Larkin Poe’s predecessor Venom & Faith from November 2018, which by the way topped the Billboard Blues Albums chart and received a 2020 Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Blues Album, Self Made Man is self-produced by the sisters and appears on the band’s own label Tricki-Woo Records. While I think it’s fair to say the latter may explain the relatively basic sound quality, it does give the album a bare bones character that I find charming.

I’m going to leave you with another nice clip of a recent Behind the Mic live streaming performance presented by American Songwriter. It gives you a great idea about these two engaging ladies and their infectious energy together.

Sources: Wikipedia; Glide Magazine; American Songwriter; You Tube

6 thoughts on “Larkin Poe Largely Stick to Their Great Old Guns on New Album”

  1. Christian you do have me listening to them. I listened to them Thursday at work when I was working on different projects. I’ve also pointed them out to other bloggers when asked if I liked anything new.

    I like Easy Street a lot and She’s a Self Made Man…great stuff. I was hooked when you showed me their cover of The Boys Are Back In Town…I’ve really worn that one out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess these dynamo ladies can have that impact! 🙂

      I realize I’ve certainly written about them a lot about them lately. So, yeah, maybe I’m a bit obsessed!

      I just find their musicianship, energy and enthusiam infectious. You watch one of their live streamed clips and really feel like grabbing your guitar and play along – except in my case, it’s also a realization of much I suck these days!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Keep writing Christian I wasn’t complaining. That is why I blog for… You and Aphoristic feature new artists which I would never find.

        The live stream is what I like so much because they love what they are doing and it shows. Yea I’m rusty also man! I haven’t played in a while. The guys haven’t come over since all of this crap happened.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks and no worries, Max, I didn’t take it as a complaint. I just like to make fun of myself, at least every now and then! Though it’s true, I’m terribly rusty these days – whether it’s the guitar or the bass!


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