Clips & Pix: Emmylou Harris & the Hot Band/Ooh Las Vegas

I rarely post clips twice but felt the above warranted an exception. I previously included this amazing footage in a July 2017 post about the British TV music show The Old Grey Whistle Test. It captures Emmylou Harris, who appeared on the program in 1977 with The Hot Band, her backing group from 1974 until 1991. That band couldn’t have selected a better name – I mean, holy smoke!

Ooh Las Vegas was co-written by Gram Parsons and Ric Grech. Harris included her rendition of the tune on her third studio album Elite Hotel released in December 1975. She also sang on Parsons’ original from his January 1974 studio record Grievous Angel. I think both versions are fantastic and represent county rock at its finest. Call it hillbilly music, if you want – I don’t care, this just rocks!

The Hot Band featured Albert Lee (lead guitar, vocals), Rodney Crowell (guitar, vocals), Emory Gordy Jr. (bass, vocals), Glen D. Hardin (piano), Hank DeVito (steel guitar) and John Ware (drums). Harris provided lead vocals and guitar.

I really need to further explore Emmylou Harris. The more of her music I hear, the more I like her. It’s already clear to me she absolutely deserves more than just one clip. Look for a post on her in the near future.

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube


7 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Emmylou Harris & the Hot Band/Ooh Las Vegas”

  1. She’s very good – always classy, and very consistent. My favourite Harris albums are Roses in the Snow from 1980, which is very traditional bluegrass with lovely harmonies, and Wrecking Ball from 1995 where she reinvented herself with Daniel Lanois. But lots of great stuff to explore.

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    1. Thanks, great to know. I’m currently doing some listening to her early albums. In addition to the country rockers, I like her Beatles covers.

      Have you ever listened to her very first album “Gliding Bird” from 1969? It’s very folk-oriented and reminds me of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez.

      Interestingly, I read she subsequently disowned the record and regards “Pieces of the Sky” as her real debut. That album came out after she had met Gram Parsons.

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      1. I skipped that one – I figure she had enough other records to write about without delving into that one.

        Warren Zevon has a very similar timeline – a disowned record from 1969, before a career reboot in 1976.

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  2. A hell of a band she had. I love the stuff with her and Gram Parsons…they worked so well together.
    She can sing anything and I’d like it.

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    1. She seems to be a great artist. I started listening to her albums beginning with her folk-oriented 1969 debut, which she interestingly chose to disavow subsequently – I guess because it was very different from her work with Gram Parsons.

      Musically, I think I like country rockers like Ooh Las Vegas the best. Vocally, I dig the stuff she did with Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt. Together, they sound like angels.

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      1. Those three would sound like angels.

        I saw a video of Emmylou singing with Bonnie Raitt the other night…they were singing backup…wonderful together. They were backing Little Feat.


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