Clips & Pix: Jeff Lynne’s ELO/Roll Over Beethoven

I just came across this incredible clip again, and I’m somewhat in disbelief that I didn’t post it earlier. The footage captures Jeff Lynne’s ELO during their 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction performance, tearing up the stage with the band’s incredible 1973 cover of Roll Over Beethoven.

Jeff Lynne demonstrates his impressive guitar chops, as does Keith Urban – not an artist I usually listen to. But you have to give credit where credit is due. Urban’s solo, which starts at about 2:40 minutes, is short but pretty bad ass!

Written by Chuck Berry, Roll Over Beethoven was first released as a single in May 1956. It was also included on his third studio album Chuck Berry Is on Top, which essentially is a greatest hits compilation and perhaps the ultimate classic rock & roll record.

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) recorded their unique rendition of the song, which blends Berry’s rock & roll classic with the main theme from Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, for their sophomore album ELO 2 that appeared in March 1973. A shortened version was also released as a single ahead of the record in January 1973.

Roll Over Beethoven became one of ELO’s signature songs and a popular show closer. It also marked the band’s first international hit, hitting no. 6 in the UK and charting in Australia (no. 53), Canada (no. 19), Germany (no. 22), The Netherlands (no. 19) and the U.S. (no. 42).

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube

6 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Jeff Lynne’s ELO/Roll Over Beethoven”

  1. Very good video and by the way…Jeff Lynne must be a vampire…he looks the same year after year. I think those aviator glasses are part of him.

    It does sound really good. Jeff made any song his…no doubt.

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    1. I kind of know Jeff Lynne is a pretty good guitarist, which isn’t meant to take away anything from this great performance.

      The real surprise to me was Keith Urban. His solo is really cool. Frankly, I wish he would have had a bit more time!

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      1. Oh Urban is really good. I’ve seen him play on local television here. I’m not a fan of modern country music but he is good.

        Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have a house near where I live. They moved for a while to our small town…I think they still stay here once in a while.

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