15 thoughts on “My Ten Desert Island Albums”

  1. I dig all of these – I’ve never quite got into Deep Purple, but have that record. A lot of times (except Steely Dan and Carole King) you’ve picked my second or third favourite, but that’s just quibbling….

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    1. Thanks. It’s pretty tough to keep it to 10, so hopefully I will never be in a desert island situation!😆

      One band I’ve really come to dig are the Allman Brothers. So they are missing, as are Led Zeppelin. Plus, my representation of female artists with just Carole King is dismal. Bonnie Raitt is another great artist who comes to mind.

      It’s kind of mission impossible to do this exercise!😀

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      1. I think women got a lot less opportunities before the 1990s – it’s hard to make a list of best albums from before that and make it 50/50 women. There were clearly some very talented women around, but not often playing in a band context.

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    1. I’ve enjoyed watching what folks pick in your album draft. The list is shaping up quite nicely.

      I’m a bit surprised “Tapestry” is still up for grabs. That would have been one of my first picks after Sgt. Pepper. Well, I guess there’s still time left!😀

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      1. There are still a number of artists and albums that haven’t been picked that surprise me- Tapestry is a great album no question about that.

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  2. Great choices Christian…No argument at all. You can’t go wrong with any of these. I grew up with Tapestry from my sister’s collection…
    A question Christian… What would be your second favorite Beatle album?

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  3. Great stuff, Christian. Our opinions on pretty much everything you wrote mirror each other, from not listening to much hard rock anymore but with Deep Purple being an exception, to It’s Too Late being the favorite Tapestry track. I even chose the same Stones album in the draft.

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    1. Great list. 20 picks and allowing 2 box sets, 1 compilation and 2 live albums definitely adds some flexibility. I stuck to regular studio albums only.

      Using your criteria, I would have picked Neil Young’s Decade instead of Harvest and a Beatles box set. I also would have added the Allmans’ Live at Fillmore East. And Led Zeppelin IV and something from Bonnie Raitt. Determing other additional picks would require more thinking!

      I think the best solution is to avoid going to a desert island in the first place! 🙂

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