Clips & Pix: Stevie Ray Vaughan/Pride and Joy

This must be one of my most spontaneous posts. I literally just came across this cool clip of Stevie Ray Vaughan and decided I had to put it on the blog.

Usually, there’s some of sort of angle to my posts. Not so in this case. The sole fact this footage is just so much fun to watch is good enough for me. It’s from a July 1982 show of Vaughan and his backing band Double Trouble at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

While the performance was dynamite, unfortunately, it was met by boos from the audience. Part of the reason for the reception was the band’s booking during an acoustic night at the prestigious event. High volume electric blues simply wasn’t a good fit. Plus, Vaughan was still an unsigned act, who was completely unknown outside of Texas.

Pride and Joy, written by Vaughan, was first recorded for his studio debut Texas Flood released in June 1983. There’s also a live album with material from the above concert and a 1985 appearance, which came out in November 2001. By the time of their second Montreux show, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble not only were well received, but also were headliners. What a difference!

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube

7 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Stevie Ray Vaughan/Pride and Joy”

  1. This is probably his best-written song… it fits all of his strengths. He makes it look so easy…so free and easy. What a guitar player that man was…

    Fun Clip Christian…thanks for posting it.

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      1. Yes he was Christian…I need that tonight. I haven’t heard that song in so long.
        I love his 80s Austin City Limits appearance.


      1. It’s interesting when ou start learning some of these guys like Page, Clapton, SRV, Page. They all play more or less the same blues scales, just with a differnt feel and tone.


  2. Schon erstaunlich, mit welcher Leichtigkeit er die verschiedensten Riffe der Blues- und R&B Musik beherrschte. Der Stolz und die Freude der texanischen Bluesrockszene war der Mann mit der Fender mit Sicherheit. Trotzdem bleibt mein Lieblingssong auf dem „Texas Flood“-Album „Love Struck Baby“.

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