Clips & Pix: Neil Young/Deep Forbidden Lake

My streaming music provider served up this beautiful tune by Neil Young. Even though I dig the Decade compilation, on which Deep Forbidden Lake first appeared in October 1977, I had to look up the song. I guess it’s fair to call it a deep cut.

Originally, Young had recorded the track for Homegrown, an album he had intended to release in 1975. But in good ole’ Neil fashion he dropped it at the last minute and instead put out Tonight’s the Night in June that year, another previously completed but unreleased album.

Homegrown finally appeared in June this year sans Deep Forbidden Lake. It’s a nice mellow tune that’s perfect for a Sunday morning.

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube

8 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Neil Young/Deep Forbidden Lake”

      1. I always liked it on Decade. I feel like the last few songs it tails off a little, maybe because Young didn’t have as good a perspective on his more recent work, but Deep Forbidden Lake holds up really well.

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  1. This is great Christian…I really like this song. Neil had a great problem to have…too many great songs. He was in his prime when he wrote this.


      1. If the 1962-66, 1967-70 albums were together as one bundle that would be the ultimate box set! I’d have to rank those as the most influential albums in my life.

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