7 thoughts on “The Mighty Songwriting Partnership of Carole King & Gerry Goffin”

  1. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow is one of those perfect pop songs. They knew their business well…I like all of these songs and more they did. Pleasant Valley Sunday is the one I’m closest to because of my early Monkees fandom.

    I didn’t know that about Goffin…it’s a wonder they stayed together as long as they did after that.

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      1. A machine is a good way to put it. That they were because they could not lose for a while. When music started to change in the late sixties they weakened a little but because of the Beatles more artists were becoming self contained by then.
        I didn’t know that about Goffin either.

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  2. Truly one of the greatest American songwriting partnerships, so much so that after The Beatles reached international fame in the United States, the Fabs made a pilgrimage to the Brill Building during one of their first American tours. What a legendary time for popular music.

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  3. A great partnership well worth writing about. I wonder how many partnerships (or relationships) ended because somebody got the wrong person pregnant. Seems to be especially prevalent in the entertainment biz. I know you’re a big fan of “Tapestry” but I confess I like Carole better as a songwriter than as a performer. That said, I would like to see “Beautiful” at some point.


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