Clips and Pix: Linda Ronstadt/When Will I Be Loved

Last night, I coincidentally caught again Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice on CNN. I previously wrote about this great documentary here. Ronstadt, who due to Parkinson’s disease officially retired on 2011, was one of the greatest and most versatile vocalists.

When Will I Be Loved is one of the standouts on Ronstadt’s breakthrough album Heart Like a Wheel from November 1974. This great tune was written by Phil Everly and originally recorded and released by The Everly Brothers in 1960.

While I always loved the original, I think Ronstadt took the song to a new level. Apart from beautiful harmony singing (Ronstadt is singing lead and backing vocals), it’s the guitar work by Andrew Gold that stands out to me.

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube

10 thoughts on “Clips and Pix: Linda Ronstadt/When Will I Be Loved”

      1. I have seen clips on youtube but never whole albums. From memory they were fabulous. I like Emmylou better singing with others than alone. Do you have the names of those albums? I can see if Old Faithful (library) has them 🙂

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      2. The first one is called “Trio” and came out in March 1987. The second one ingeniously is titled “Trio II” and was released in February 1999.

        BTW, I haven‘t heard these albums in their entirety either.

        My absolute favorite thus far is their cover of “After the Gold Rush”, which is on “Trio II”. They took Neil Young’s great song to a whole new level. It’s literally like a angels choir singing. I admit this has brought me to tears!

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  1. Linda, die Cover-Königin. Mit dieser zeitgemässen, entstaubten Version des Everly Brother Klassikers, haben Frau Ronstadt und ihre Band einmal mehr bewiesen, wie frisch und vital ein alter Song klingen kann, wenn man sich nur Mühe gibt.

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