The Sunday Six

Celebrating music with six random songs at a time

This is the inaugural post of a new feature I spontaneously decided introduce to the blog. The Sunday Six is going to present random collections of six songs I like. They can be new or old and include different types of genres. In fact, I hope these posts are going to be eclectic and at least occasionally also venture beyond my core wheelhouse. The determining factor is going to be, well, me and what music comes to my mind when writing these posts.

The introduction of a new feature may come as a surprise, especially to more regular visitors of the blog, who probably recall my repeated comments about lack of time to focus on blogging, particularly over the past several weeks. Since this is unlikely going to change anytime soon, unlike the weekly recurring Best of What’s New, I think The Sunday Six is going to appear less frequently. With that being said, let’s get to the inaugural installment.

Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs/And Your Bird Can Sing

Folks who read my most recent installment of Best of What’s New may have picked up I’m quite excited about my “discovery” of Matthew Sweet – well, better late than never! I totally love this cover of And Your Bird Can Sing, which Sweet recorded with Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles for Under the Covers, Vol. 1. While they didn’t reinvent the tune, I think the voices of Sweet and Hoffs perfectly blend. Released in April 2006, it’s their first of four collaboration albums that celebrate music they both love. Vol. 1 mostly focuses on ’60s tunes. Given they are fans of The Beatles, the inclusion of a Fab Four tune isn’t a shock. I also like they selected what I would consider to be a deep cut. Mainly written by John Lennon and credited to him and Paul McCartney, And Your Bird Can Sing was recorded for the UK version of the Revolver album from August 1966. In the U.S., it was included on Yesterday and Today, a record that became infamous for its original cover showing The Beatles in white coats with decapitated baby dolls and pieces of raw meat – yikes!

Travis/Waving at the Window

I really dig this mellow pop tune and think it’s perfect for a Sunday. Until yesterday, I had never heard of Travis, a Scottish rock band founded in 1990 in Glasgow. Written by their lead singer Fran Healy (a guy), Waving at the Window is the opener from Travis’ most recent album 10 Songs that was released in October 2020. The pick of this song isn’t as random as it may look. Yesterday’s start of my Matthew Sweet exploration led to Suzanna Hoffs and my curiosity what she’s been up to. It turned out Hoffs appeared as a guest on one of the other tracks on 10 Songs.

Van Morrison/Moondance

Since I “chatted” with Max from PowerPop about his post on Van Morrison tune Astral Weeks earlier today, my favorite Morrison album Moondance has been on my mind. So here’s the title track to get it out of my system! I just totally dig the laid back and jazzy feel of Morrison’s third studio record from January 1970. Like all tracks on the album, Moondance was written by him.

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band/Turn the Page

This one you can blame on Cincinnati Babyhead, who earlier today posted on Bob Seger’s album Against the Wind. You see where I’m going with this feature – blaming others! 🙂 Turn the Page, one of my favorite Seger songs, was first recorded for the amazing Live Bullet album released by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band in April 1976. It features terrific sax work by Alto Reed, who sadly passed away from colon cancer on December 30, 2020 at the age of 72 years. According to the clip description, this is the official video. While like Live Bullet it was captured at Cobo Hall in Detroit in 1975, based on Seger’s announcement, I think the take on the video is different from the album. According to, Seger and his longtime backing band played two back-to-back dates at Cobo (September 4 and 5, 1975), so I assume the take of Turn the Page in the video was captured from “the other show,” i.e., the one that’s not on the album. Are you still with me? 🙂

Sting/Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold is another beautiful and mellow tune that’s just perfect for a Sunday. It also happens to be one of my favorite tunes by Sting. The ex-Police frontman wrote and recorded this gem for his third solo album Ten Summoner’s Tales from March 1993, which I’d probably consider to be his Mount Rushmore as a solo artist.

Cream/White Room

Let’s wrap up this inaugural installment with a bang: Cream and White Room, from their amazing reunion live album Royal Albert Hall London May 2-3-5-6, 2005, which came out in October 2005. So good! Written by the amazing Jack Bruce with lyrics by British poet Pete Brown, White Room first appeared on Cream’s third album Wheels of Fire from August 1968. It was the opener of the first record on this majestic double-LP.

Sources: Wikipedia;; YouTube

17 thoughts on “The Sunday Six”

  1. Have you ever heard Eva Cassidy’s cover of “Fields Of Gold”– as great as the Sting original is… I must confess to being neutral on Bob Seger. Some of his stuff I like -but I think after Stranger In Town- hit and miss. Like all those selections.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Very sad- did you read how she was ‘discovered’ after her death? sad she wasn’t around to enjoy all the praise she’s received. What a voice.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yep, I just did – incredible and sad, as you said.

        I’m currently listening to some of her interpretations on YouTube. She seemed to be very talented.

        “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is another gem she performed. It made we well up.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I always found it interesting that she had all this recorded material -that was later released. She was a great interpreter!

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  2. I enjoyed every one of these songs. I think (?) Dave wrote about Matthew Sweet and Susannah Hoffs in the album draft so I was able to pick up one of their collab albums (not this one unfortunately) and enjoy it very much. First time hearing Travis. Good stuff. I’m a big fan of both Sting and Cream. Good idea for a Sunday feature, Christian!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Lisa, glad you like it. The idea came to me very spontaneously. Sometimes such ideas are the best.

      Not quite sure how frequently I’ll have a chance to post additional installments and on a Sunday. Perhaps I should have titled it “The Random Six” to give me more flexibility! 🙂

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  3. Great selections Christian! I’m glad you have “discovered” Matthew Sweet – if you haven’t already check out his album Girlfriend – one of his best. Glad to see he has a new one out. I also love Moondance from Van Morrison – one of my all time favorite songs is Caravan – listening to it and the whole album really is almost a spiritual experience – like tapping into a different plane or something.

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  4. Some great songs Christian! I like this feature! I of course love the And Your Bird Can Sing…it’s in the top ten of Beatle songs to me. Love the Morrison also…
    I’ll be looking forward to this one in the coming weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I play that blame game to. You have been a victim a few times. Van and Bob in the same take. makes sense. That Cream thing is off the charts. How good were those guys to pull that off. I guess when you’re good you’re good. I have that CD staring me in the face right now.

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