Clips & Pix: Scorpions/Bad Boys Running Wild

I can’t listen to their music all the time, but I’ve always had a thing for Scorpions. When it comes to ’80s pop metal, these guys from Hannover, Germany rule!

Bad Boys Running Wild is from their hugely successful album Love at First Sting that came out in March 1984. The lyrics were co-written by frontman Klaus Meine, who is a hell of a vocalist, and drummer and backing vocalist Herman Rarebell. The music was composed by Rudolf Schenker, the band’s rhythm guitarist who also provides backing vocals.

Love at First Sting is better known for the tunes Rock You Like a Hurricane, Still Loving You and Big City Nights, which all received plenty of radio play in Germany. These songs brought Scorpions on my radar screen and made me get the record on vinyl at the time – and wear it out!

Yes, these boys could be pretty aggressive (and soft!), which why their music doesn’t work for me every day. But when I’m in the mood for kickass metal that’s not just loud but also melodic, Scorpions are always a great choice.

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13 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Scorpions/Bad Boys Running Wild”

  1. Younger son really liked The Scorpions when he was young. The way they came on my radar was when they were Roger Waters’ backup band on the Live from Berlin: The Wall. They’re good! I love the lead singer’s voice and the lead guitarist.

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    1. Nun ja, heißt ja auch “Bad Boys Running Wild”!😆

      Die Scorpions sind sicherlich wohl nicht jedermanns Bier. Und wie man Musik empfindet ist ja auch häufig eine Frage der Stimmung.

      Ich kann mir die Scorpions auch nicht immer anhören. Aber wenn mir nach Pop Metal zumute ist, stehen die Jungs aus Hannover ganz oben auf der Liste.

      Ihre Songs können zwar sehr laut und hart sein. Aber sie haben immer eine gute Dosis Melodik. Darüberhinaus ist Klaus Meine ein starker Sänger.

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      1. Also, die Scorpions sind nun wirklich nicht mein Bier! Der Titel „Bad Boys Running Wild“ sagt eigentlich schon alles: eine Rocknummer aus den 80er Jahren, die man perfekt mit dem Klischee von “Männlichkeit” in Verbindung bringen kann.


      2. Auf ihren frühen Alben „Virgin Killer“ und „Taken By Force“ hatten die Scorpions noch etwas psychedelisches, aber je weiter die musikalische Entwicklung in Richtung Hardrock ging, desto beliebiger und austauschbarer wurde sie. Dieser Poser-Mainstream-Rock und die schmalzigen Balladen fand ich bereits bei „Still Loving You“ ziemlich peinlich, bei „Winds Of Change“ nur noch nerventötend.

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  2. That remembers me back in my teenage years. “Wind of Change”, in 1992 they won the award “Goldene Europa” and in this event on TV I saw and heard the best acoustic version of “WoC” ever. Later I saw a documentary about Matthias Jabs in a German TV broadcast and I had a very good friend who came originally from the Ukraine. He was a huge fan of the Scorps and years later, as the bright star got darker, he came to me with the newest album: “Moment of Glory” with an orchestra. Without him I would never know about this.
    I don’t like their rock songs too much but they’re very good when it comes to powerful ballads. “Still Loving You”, “Send Me An Angel”, “Under the Same Sun”, “White Dove” and “You And I”.

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    1. It’s certainly true Scorpions are as much about pop metal as they are about power ballads. Klaus Meine has the perfect voice to belt out these types of songs.

      I like “Still Loving You”, “Holiday” and “Wind of Change”, to name a few, as well. I feel the latter was perhaps a bit overexposed on the airwaves. As such, to me it doesn’t hold up as well as some of their harder tunes.

      That being said, now “Wind of Change” is stuck in my head and that whistling is gonna stay with me for the rest of the day. But, hey, it could be a lot worse!😆

      Greetings from good ole New Jersey where we’re bracing for a snowstorm. Hopefully, the weather guys exaggerate as they oftentimes do – not much in the mood for snow shoveling!😀🙋🏻‍♂️

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