15 thoughts on “Ten Days of Tapestry”

    1. Apparently, there’s yet another commonality we share.😀 I also have a sister (six years older) who at the time largely unknowingly introduced me to some of the best music I dig to this day. In addition to Carole King, some of the other artists include CCR, CSNY, Santana and Pink Floyd!

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      1. Mine is 8 years older… Ok…she was much better than mine on some of the other music. Try the Osmonds…whew…BUT she did expose Bread and Jim Croce to me so she did good in that area.

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  1. I’m a huge Carole King fan so this should be awesome. Tapestry was one of my top 10 albums forever but a lot of albums have come out since I first heard it so it’s kind of moved down into the top 30 or so, but still….

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    1. Certainly, many other great albums have appeared since February 1971. I mean it’s been 50 years. And, yet, these songs are timeless gems.

      In my case I also cannot deny a certain degree of nostalgia. “Tapestry” literally was one of the very first music records I ever heard.

      This record really goes back to the very beginning of my music journey. And I know this may sound a bit cheesy, I believe music has been one of the most important journeys in my life.


    1. Thanks, Graham. I’d be hard pressed to name one favorite track. There are so many great tunes on this album. “I Feel the Earth Move”, “Way Over Yonder” and “Natural Woman” are among my favorites. I also love “You’ve Got a Friend”. I realize that’s already four!😆

      As for Carole’s voice, actually, I’ve always liked it, also on other songs she did. I may be a bit biased here…

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  2. Love Carol King and your “musings”. I was in high school when Tapestry came out. I listened to it every single night with headphones on while I was falling asleep. It’s embedded in my brain. Great lyrics. Great melodies! And of course was BEAUTIFUL on Broadway.😁

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  3. My favorite tracks now aren’t the same ones they used to be . I find that when I listen to the album now I just listen to certain tracks rather than the whole thing. On side one I listen to It’s Too Late, Home Again and Way Over Yonder. And on side two I listen to Tapestry, Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Smackwater Jack and Natural Woman. Not that I don’t like the other ones anymore of course , but you know how it is. Sometimes there’s just certain things you want to hear and certain things you don’t.


  4. They wrote even more Psychedelic ones than the one you mention, Animals Dont Bring Me Down. There’s also Vanilla Fudge’s I Can’t Make It Alone, The Monkees’ Porpoise Song (also by Bongwater) and Take a Giant Step, The Byrds’ Wasnt Born to Follow (also by The Lemon Pipers), I Happen to Love You by Electric Prunes (also by Them). And a few more I can’t think of right now .

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