9 thoughts on “Ten Days of Tapestry”

  1. That was the first time I’ve listened to You Make Me Feel… by Carole in a long long time. She put her touch on it and it is great…Aretha just made it a standard…that lady could put soul into any song she touched.

    Great series Christian.

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    1. I dig Carole’s heartfelt version, but there
      was just no way she could ever match Aretha Franklin, a true vocal powerhouse.

      As much as I love Carole, I acknowledge she’s a great songwriter first and foremost and a vocalist second. Objectively speaking, her voice works well for her songs but isn’t outstanding. I still like it!😀

      One thing I can highly recommend (if you haven’t done it already) is to listen to “Tapestry” via headphones. There’s lots of great musical stuff going on in the background, including beautiful melodic bass-playing by Charles Larkey.

      Other than that he was part of the local Laurel Canyon music scene, I don’t know anything about him. All the other musicians on the album were from the Canyon as well.

      Last but not least, thanks for your kind words about the series and frequent comments.

      I had written all posts in advance and scheduled them. At same point as stuff kept getting posted, I started to become a bit concerned folks might get a bit tired seeing so many posts about the same artist and album.

      I had never done such a long series, not even for a Beatles album! It truly was a spontaneous idea; had I thought about it earlier, I would have made it the 12 Days of Tapestry and literally dedicated one post to each song. Perhaps it’s a good thing that didn’t happen!😆

      BTW, Carole King turned 79 years yesterday, something I completely forgot to acknowledge!

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      1. Christian I like long series…because sometimes when I’ve posted a lot of things in one post…people just pay attention to one thing and not the rest. That is why I just do one song per day now. It works for me anyway. I thought it was great!

        I listened to every track carefully. I’ll take a listen through headphones on Tapestry. I haven’t heard it in so long. The whole series brought back a lot of memories because we normally only hear the hits.

        I thank you the same for posting on mine…our tastes are so close that we can relate to each thing we post.

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  2. Wow. Geez, I like this album but well, not nearly as much as you do. I do series fairly frequently but it’s never once occurred to me to break an album down over so many posts. I doubt I ever would but much credit to you for the commitment.

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    1. I really dig that album, but in addition to the music, there is also some nostalgia here. Tapestry was one of the very first music records I ever heard. As such, it brings childhood memories and marks the beginning of my music journey.

      The idea for the series was pretty spontaneous, though I ended up writing most of the posts in advance over two weekends and scheduled them – something I do very rarely.

      As the different parts started to publish, there was actually a point when I became a bit concerned people would get tired seeing so many posts in a row about the same artist and the same record. But the ship had been set in motion and could no longer be stopped! 🙂

      While it was well received overall, it may remain my only multi-part series dedicated to one album.


      1. Yes, once the train is rolling down the track there’s no way to stop the fucking thing without getting hurt. When I went to that rock camp, the woman who sang in our band told me that her parents wouldn’t let her listen to rock. When she finally got a chance, the first tune she clicked with was “Roundabout.” And so that’s special to her and so singing “Owner of a Lonely Heart” with Jon Anderson was like me jamming with Clapton. As if.

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