Clips and Pix: The Faces/Maybe I’m Amazed

Holy cow, until I just came across a YouTube clip, I had not known The Faces covered Maybe I’m Amazed. I really dig their version. Musically, it’s similar to the original, but what stands out to me is Rod Stewart’s voice, which sounds perfect for this tune.

Maybe I’m Amazed was written by Paul McCartney and first appeared on his debut solo album McCartney from April 1970. I know I’ve said this before, the live version that appeared in December 1967 on Wings Over America is much better.

The Faces included their cover, which is also a live recording, on their second studio album Long Player that was released in February. The performance had been captured at Fillmore East in November 1970.

BTW, the guy who starts on lead vocals before Stewart takes over is Ronnie Lane, the band’s bassist. He later comes back to sing harmony. In addition to him and Stewart, The Faces included Ronnie Wood (guitar, vocals), Ian McLagan (keyboards) and Kenny Jones (drums). Man, what a fantastic band – I guess I have to listen to some more!

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube


10 thoughts on “Clips and Pix: The Faces/Maybe I’m Amazed”

    1. It’s a great version – dare I say it, I think I like it better than McCartney’s original! I had no idea The Faces covered the tune.

      Currently listening to their first album. Really great stuff! Too bad Rod Stewart didn’t stay a rocker – he has the perfect voice for some “dirty” rock & roll! 🙂

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  1. The Faces – what a great band. They’re like if The Rolling Stones were a country/folk band that got drunk on a pub crawl every night. Every album they made is a party, though.

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