Clips & Pix: Carole King/It’s Too Late

On Sunday, I went to a small outdoor concert, my first live music event in more than one and a half years, featuring a Carole King tribute act. On my way back home, I listened to Tapestry: Live in Hyde Park, a live and video album from September 2017, capturing King’s performance at London’s Hyde Park on July 3, 2016. The above clip of It’s Too Late is from that gig.

Admittedly, this isn’t the first time I’ve posted about It’s Too Late and the Tapestry album, on which that tune first appeared. If you’re a more frequent visitor of the blog, you know how much I dig Carole King. If I could pick only one singer-songwriter, it would probably be her.

So why do yet another post? To start, I think it’s a great tune that certainly can be highlighted more than once. More importantly, I feel this is a particularly nice rendition of one of my favorite Carole King songs.

Obviously, Carole’s voice has changed, but I think it’s aged beautifully. I love the overall soulfulness of this version, to which the great backing vocalists undoubtedly contribute. I also like Carole’s piano work and the guitar solos by who I believe is Danny Kortchmar, one of the original studio musicians from the Tapestry recording sessions.

Last but not least, the clip acknowledges how much I love live music and how much I’ve missed it during this dreadful pandemic. Sunday was a small start to what hopefully will be more concerts over the summer months and beyond.

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube

13 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Carole King/It’s Too Late”

  1. You’re right. You can never have too many posts about Carole King or It’s too late. The more the better I always say. Even though as much of a fan as I am, I never thought a whole lot of her live albums. I think she’s too unreliable a singer to be great live. Even in the studio I wish they would have done a few more takes until they got a more perfect vocal. But none of this takes away from how much I think of her or how great I think she is. I’m just really trying to explain why I never appreciated her live. Although I liked the Hyde Park thing just because of its historical value and everything. And she’s pretty old now so you never know if any appearance she makes could be her last one. You never know.

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    1. I’ve always loved Carole King’s voice, though you are right that in general she’s not an outstanding vocalist. I guess I find her voice is a great fit to her songs.

      Coincidentally, during a visit of Washington, D.C. in 2000, I saw Carole perform a few songs at a free Earth Day event on the National Mall. Other than that, unfortunately, I never saw her in concert.

      Somehow, I completely missed her 2010 tour with James Taylor – something I regret to this day. The Hyde Park concert wasn’t a real option. Now Carole is retired.

      I’m hoping she’s going to perform at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Oct 30. This may well be her last official public performance.

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    1. Same here, Max. The first time I heard Tapestry was back in Germany when my sister played the record. I must have been like 8 years or so and didn’t understand a word of English.

      I dug this album right away. It was all based on the music. Once I started to sing along, I phonetically tried to imitate English!

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      1. Her voice has held up much better than I thought it would have. There is no doubt it’s her.

        Yea it does take me back Christian like you. That is about how old I was but…I could understand English!
        That is amazing that you liked it although you didn’t understand it.

        PS….Oh….Bailey is having to wait till next year to go. He applied for his Passport way too late. It takes up to 8 weeks….NOT 3-4…he learned a big lesson. She is coming over at Christmas though.

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      2. Thanks…yea he was all disspointed and read the passport site wrong…it said it would be delivered in 2-3 days….BUT that was after they processed it.
        He would have had to apply for it in March and at that time they hadn’t planned this.

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  2. Sicher nicht der beste Song auf “Tapestry”, aber dennoch ein Highlight und heute noch stark. Ansonsten wurde ja das Album von Dir bereits ausführlich erwähnt.


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