17 thoughts on “Fakefest 2021 – Le Encore”

  1. The U2 band sounds really good…and you are right…he does look like him quite a bit!
    I like the Keith in the Stones band.
    With the Petty band…I have to wonder if he ever heard them?


  2. I was joking in a previous comment that you were going to see tribute bands. But you were! The King, the veritable fucking Maharishi of all tribute bands is back! Too bad there wasn’t a Springsteen cover band called Atlantic City.

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    1. Oh, Jim, how could you make fun of the undisputed King of Tribute Bands?!

      Don’t worry, it’s all good. I know you like to tease me about my little obsession – in a friendly way!

      Good observation about “Atlantic City”. You and I should team up and propose that name to a Springsteen tribute, and then charge them to use that name!😆

      I know many Springsteen fans dig the “Nebraska” album. While nowadays I like it better than I used to, I still can’t say I love it. Not sure I will ever fully warm to it.


      1. Yes, in a snarky but friendly way. I would never intentionally insult milord. 🤣

        Rather than sell that name we should form that band! You, of course, will do all the singing.

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  3. This seemed like the appropriate place to mention this. Last night, the better half and I went to a Classic Albums Live show. Don’t know if you’ve written about this before but it’s a Toronto-based organization that pulls musicians together and recreates great albums. We saw a seven-piece band outside in Lowell, MA do “Hotel California” top to bottom. Very faithful recreation write down to fading the song out as on the album. The only thing is that the album kicks off with the title song so it’s somewhat anticlimactic. Then they did a bunch of hits like “Witchy Woman,” “One of These Nights,” etc. The Eagles are doing the same show but this one we can actually afford.

    Check out this write-up. It’s especially interesting in regard to what they did back in 2006.


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    1. Thanks, Jim, this sounds like fun. I am familiar with “Classic Albums Live” and think we may have discussed it in the past. I’d definitely consider catching one of their shows if an opportunity presents itself.

      “Hotel California” is my favorite Eagles album. While I’m glad I saw them once (during their final tour with Glenn Frey) and it was great, I’m not planning to see them again, unless they drastically reduce their ticket prices, which is unlikely to happen.


      1. Thanks for calling that out again. That is indeed remarkable. And while I’m a Beatles and tribute band nut, it doesn’t sound like an experience I would want to have.

        I can do 3.5 our 4 hours of Springsteen. But 13 hours, as Wikipedia notes? That’s true overkill! I suppose the musicians must have performed in shifts – and must have been sick of The Beatles for sometime thereafter!


      2. Agreed! Maybe over a couple of nights. Plus, it’s hard to get that shit right. I have seen several Beatles tribute bands and while all were good, none quite get the harmonies right. Classic Live did pretty well with Eagles. Don Henley is, I think, one of the finest rock singers ever and the guy who sang his parts did a pretty good job. Almost everybody in the band sang. The guitar players were really good and one of them was killer. And all of them were far too young to have been around when the Eagles fist landed.

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