The Hump Day Picker-Upper

Cheering you up for a dreadful Wednesday, one song at a time

For those of us taking care of business during the regular work week, I guess it’s safe to assume we’ve all felt that dreadful Wednesday blues. Sometimes, that middle point of the work week can be a true drag. But help is on the way!

Since music can make you feel better about almost anything, I’ve decided to introduce a new feature ingeniously titled The Hump Day Picker-Upper. Given my two other existing weekly recurring features Best of What’s New and The Sunday Six, and that there’s only so much time I can devote to this blog, I’m not sure yet The Hump Day Picker-Upper is going to become another weekly series. I’ll have to play it by ear.

Picking a song titled Hump Day felt like a natural thought for this inaugural post. Searching my streaming music provider’s database, I was surprised how many tunes are out there, which are named Hump Day. Obviously, I had never searched for that song title before. Here’s one by Bill Cockrell, a Florida artist who is completely new to me. He included it on a 2014 album called Aquaholic. Love this happy, county flavored tune that makes you want to snip along with your fingers!

According to his website, Cockrell began playing the drums at the age of 10 and quickly found himself playing many different styles of music with many different bands over the years. He has performed jazz, Dixieland, classical, rock, pop and everything in between. Growing up in the 70’s, he was heavily influenced by the singers and songwriters of that era. He is also a fan of many other styles of music. As he performed in bands and music programs through his school years, he knew he would have a lifelong connection to music...Being a Florida native and growing up on the beaches soon influenced his music. Hearing Jimmy Buffett provided a way to experience some of the feelings of beach life through music...Bill has also been nominated for several Trop Rock Music Awards in 2016 and 2017, including Song of the Year, Album of the Year and the Horizon Award for best new artist.

Happy Hump Day, and always remember the words of the wise George Harrison: All things must pass!

Sources: Apple Music; Bill Cockrell website; YouTube


6 thoughts on “The Hump Day Picker-Upper”

    1. Thanks! I see you posting all the time. I wonder if that’s a slump, how does an energy burst look like?😀

      On a more serious note, at the end of the day, I think blogging should be about fun, not some sort of obligation. Sometimes, I fall into the trap to think I have to post new content because it’s somehow expected. This can lead to stress, which is really the last thing that should ever happen. After all, this isn’t a job!

      I think if we don’t feel like writing, we shouldn’t do it. I realize this may impact traffic to the blog. Perhaps we may also lose some followers. But traffic and followers are secondary.

      I know it’s probably easier said than done. I can’t deny I’m staring at my silly blog stats all the time. I’ve also certainly acted against my own clever advice!

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      1. Well, the frequency of my postings are down significantly from the past few years. I wrote 217 in 2018, 262 in 2019 and 364 in 2020, but only 171 thus far in 2021, and we’re well into October. While there was no way I could keep increasing the number of posts at the same pace, I didn’t expect them to drop to such a degree.

        I truly marvel at some bloggers’ output, like Max, who generally cranks out two a day, or Hans with his six posts per day! One of my problems is that I’m a terribly slow, meticulous writer who agonizes over every sentence, so even a review of a single will take me 2-4 hours to write. I’m certain Hans cranks out a post in half an hour.

        I think quite a few bloggers feel the need to post something every single day, either because they want their blogs to be on tops, or possibly out of fear they’ll be forgotten if they don’t. You’re correct that at the end of the day, blogging should be fun, not a chore. When I accept far too many submissions for reviews, it becomes just that, causing me unneeded stress, which is crazy. Because I actually dislike the act of writing, I’ve had to cut back on posting for my own mental health.


      2. I think you absolutely made the right decision to cut back. I feel everybody’s situation is different, so comparing yourself to others can be tricky.

        Some folks simply have more time for blogging than others. With a full-time job that frequently has long hours and a family, my time is definitely limited. Content is another important aspect. Reviews are one of the toughest and most time-consuming things to write. That’s part of the reason why I don’t do reviews on demand. The other reason is I don’t want to write about music I don’t like.

        I think you should do what feels right to you.

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