Clips & Pix: Neil Young & Crazy Horse/Welcome Back

Neil Young has shared a video of Welcome Back, the third upfront track from his upcoming new album. Recorded with his longtime backing band Crazy Horse, Barn is scheduled for this Friday, December 10. The eight-and-a-half-minute track is a slow-burning, crunchy jam rocker. Its feel reminds me a bit of Cortez the Killer, the epic tune from Young’s 1975 Zuma album, which he also made with Crazy Horse. This sounds like classic Neil – check it out!

A note published on Young’s website on December 3 reads as follows: Welcome Back! The Horse is in the Barn playing a song like only the Horse can. Enjoy! We had a great time making this record for you and of course for us!

Apart from Young (guitar, vocals), the clip features Crazy Horse members Nils Lofgren (guitar), Billy Talbot (bass) and Ralph Molina (drums). Like the previously released Heading West, Welcome Back was recorded on June 21 this year at Le Mobile Remote Recording Studio in the Rocky Mountains. According to Wikipedia, Barn is Young’s 41st studio album and his 14th with Crazy Horse.

In addition to the album, there will be a companion documentary titled BARN/A Band – A Brotherhood – A Barn, directed by Young’s wife Daryl Hannah. The film will be screened at select theaters for one night only. Current locations listed on include venues in Chicago; Santa Monica, Calif.; New York City and Toronto. Here’s a trailer.

Sources: Wikipedia;; YouTube


13 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Neil Young & Crazy Horse/Welcome Back”

  1. I wish I were as big a Neil fan as you and so many others. I respect his personal integrity, like more than a little of his music. But he just doesn’t set me aflame and I don’t think I’d make it through a concert of his.

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    1. I guess I may be a bit biased here, Jim! 🙂

      Neil is an interesting character. Objectively speaking, he doesn’t have a great voice and one can certainly be divided about his guitar skills, especially on the electric where he can be pretty crude.

      Perhaps somewhat weirdly for somebody who digs great vocals, I think both Neil’s voice and his guitar-playing work well for his songs.

      I’m really happy in July 2018 I decided to be nutty enough to drive for five hours all the way to Boston to see Neil solo at the Wang Theater.

      While I’d be open to see Dylan for a second time, I don’t think I’d go all the way to Boston. Perhaps Philly or Atlantic City.


      1. Yes, I agree that everything adds up for Neil. And God knows he has legions of fans. And some of his stuff I really like. And I’ve posted about him! So I’m a fan with a small ‘f.’ But I just have never been up that Fan level if that makes any sense.

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