7 thoughts on “Best of What’s New”

  1. Better Late than never!
    Ok Christian… All 4 are winners! I like all four of them. When I review one I listen to the first while reading…then I start writing…I kept doing it and just stopped because I was saying how I liked each one. Great batch this week! You picked them well.

    I’m excited about Aeon Station and The Tea Party…both are excellent! I can say that about the other two as well.

    The sound they get is something I would do on my own…in my music. they hit the spot.

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    1. Thanks, Max, glad you liked my picks. This was a week where I had a hard time finding four new tunes I felt like featuring.

      Ironically, after I had put together the post, I came across another band I like. For some reason, their brand new album didn’t show up when I browsed all new releases in iTunes on Friday.

      Interestingly, the group’s name was inspired by what suposedely was John Lennon’s favorite drink. I have something scheduled on their album for tomorrow.

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  2. Good for you for finding new stuff from less-than-famous musicians. Spotify sent me my “here’s what you listened to the most” list and it was mostly classic rock with a few jazz numbers thrown in. I need to make a New Year’s resolution. All good stuff here but the last two- especially “Two Trains” – are favorites. Landreth sounds like a guy to watch. Ironically, Sonny Landreth (from New Orleans) is, as I think you know, also a premier slide guitarist.

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    1. I’m with with you, Jim, Joey Landreth is my favorite. When I saw his last name, my first thought was he might be related to Sonny. I don’t recall having heard the last name Landreth before. I guess it’s not very common?

      I also find that Lindberg tune pretty good, as well as The Tea Party track.


      1. While over the past two years or so I’ve certainly paid much more attention to new music compared to before (when I pretty much ignored it all together), I can tell you keeping new artists on my radar screen is difficult, given time constraints.


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