7 thoughts on “Return of the Phenix”

  1. Ok. How the fuck do I not know THIS story? I have never heard this before, not one whiff of it. I’ll have to check out tht documentary. As to getting used to other instruments, yes. I’m used to guitars (Gibson, Ibanez) that have low action and so, are easy to play. Strats aren’t like that and so, a challenge. As to the ES-335, yes. I own one and it feeds back at higher volumes (not even so high) like crazy. I struggled with it in bands. I am not in a band, may never be again but I still now have (and prefer) a solid body (the Ibanez) for rock and blues. But when I took my Berklee course I used the ES-335 ‘coz it’s warmer. BB King’s guitar, Lucille, was pretty much an ES=335 minus the F-holes.

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    1. I had not known about Frampton’s lost-and-found guitar either. The actual story dates back more than 10 years, but the documentary Frampton posted on YouTube is new. I coincidentally heard about it on the SiriusXM Classic Vinyl channel the other other when one of their hosts (Katherine Boyd) mentioned the new documentary.

      I can definitely see what a blow it must have been to Frampton when he no longer had this Gibson Les Paul – a guitar he pretty much had used it nonstop live and in the studio for a decade!

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  2. I read about this a few years ago. Awesome story and I cannot believe it found it’s way back to him! I can’t imagine how he felt when he saw it.

    I wish McCartney could find his Cavern bass again that was stolen around the time of Let It Be.

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