Best of What’s New

A selection of newly released music that caught my attention

For those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter or Happy Passover; otherwise, happy Saturday! It’s time again to check for newly released music. All featured tunes in this post appear on albums that came out yesterday (April 15). Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Kurt Vile/Wages of Sin

My first pick this week is Kurt Vile, a Philadelphia-based indie rock singer-songwriter. Prior to launching a solo career in 2008, Vile co-founded Philly rock band The War on Drugs in 2005 and was their lead guitarist until 2009. To date, he has released nine solo albums including his latest titled Watch My Moves, stylized as (watch my moves). Initial work on the album started in 2019 during the tour that supported Vile’s previous studio release Bottle It In. We all know what happened next. Vile used the pandemic to build a home recording studio where he and co-producer Rob Schnapf worked on the majority of the tracks during 2020 and last year. Here’s Vile’s rendition of Wages of Sin, a song written by Bruce Springsteen during the Born in the U.S.A. recording sessions, which he released as an outtake on his 1998 box set Tracks.

Jerry Paper/Just Say Play

Jerry Paper is the music project of Lucas Nathan from Los Angeles, who Apple Music describes as an experimental pop musician. Here’s more from Jerry Paper’s profile: First surfacing during the early 2010s with a series of limited cassettes and LPs, Paper wrote woozy, lo-fi tunes in their bedroom using cheap keyboards, often singing existentialist lyrics relating to anxiety and hopelessness over smooth, Muzak-like backing tracks. On-stage, they would don a flower garland or silk robe, and give deadpan monologues related to their songs. Their subsequent recordings became more ambitious, but they still remained infatuated with blatantly synthetic keyboard tones imitating real instruments. In 2016, they released the lush, elaborate Toon Time Raw!, on which they were accompanied by BadBadNotGood (credited as Easy Feelings Unlimited). This brings me to Jerry Paper’s new album Free Time and Just Say Play. There’s just something about this bouncy tune, co-written by Nathan and Jonathan Tatelman.

Flock of Dimes/It Just Goes On

Flock of Dimes is a solo project by Jenn Wasner, a singer-songwriter hailing from Baltimore, Md. She first gained recognition as co-founder of indie folk-rock duo Wye Oak, which she formed with Andy Stack as Monarch in mid-2006. After five Wye Oak albums and a collaboration record with songwriter and producer Jon Ehrens, which appeared under the name Dungeonesse, Wasner released her Flock of Dimes debut If You See Me, Say Yes in September 2016. Her latest release Head of Roses: Phantom Limb is a compilation of previously unreleased songs, live takes and demos. Here’s the official video of the nice opener It Just Goes On.

Edgar Winter/Rock ‘n’ Roll Hoochie Koo

For my final pick, I have to give a shoutout to fellow blogger Hotfox63, who covered Edgar Winter’s new album the day before it came out. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known about Brother Johnny, a smoking all-star tribute to Edgar’s older brother and blues-rock guitar virtuoso Johnny Winter. While Johnny sadly passed away in July 2014 at the age of 70, his legacy surely lives on, and Edgar has done a beautiful job celebrating it. He got a little help from some friends, such as Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Keb’ Mo’, Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh, Steve Lukather and Ringo Starr. Here’s a great rendition of Rock ‘n’ Roll Hoochie Koo, a song written by Rick Derringer. It first was recorded by Johnny Winter and his band Johnny Winter And, which included Derringer on guitar. The tune appeared on their eponymous album from 1970. Edgar Winter’s version features Steve Lukather showing off his impressive guitar chops. Check out his badass solo – Lawdy mama, this rendition is just cooking and makes me smile!

As usual, here’s a Spotify playlist featuring the above and a few additional tunes. Hope you enjoy!

Sources: Wikipedia; Apple Music, YouTube; Spotify

13 thoughts on “Best of What’s New”

  1. Johnny Winter war nicht nur ein Powergitarrist, er spielte auch brillant akustische Stücke auf der „National Steel“ mit dem Bottleneck. Auf „Brother Johnny“ spielen verschiedene Gitarristen in dieser Form – zum Beispiel Keb’ Mo’ in „Lone Star Blues“.

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  2. Well the Winter Brothers ROCK….what talent… I grew up on Frankenstein and Free Ride…great 70s rock anthems.
    Jenn Wasner has a voice I really like…good stuff Christian.
    Jerry Paper…again this week…the video got my attention lol.

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  3. Good choices here. I know Vile more by reputation than by anything he’s done. I have the ‘Tracks’ album and always liked ‘Wages of Sin.’ That makes me want to go back and listen to that album. The Jerry Paper number IS catchy. The video is funny. It’s ridiculous. The standout here of course is the Winter album. I heard them doing this on the blues channel on satellite. I think Edgar might have been on. I sent a link to my buddy Steve, the all-time JW fan. That ‘Hootchie-Koo’ kicks some ass. Lukather is a monster. BTW, I think the expression you’re looking for is lawdy mama. 🙂

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    1. “Lord and mama” is how it was in Apple’s lyrics. I didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Plus, it didn’t sound like it either -glad we cleared that up – I’m going to fix it right away! 🙂

      BTW, that tribute is a joy to listen to – just great rock & roll. Edgar Winter and Steve Lukather are part of the current line-up of Ringo’s All-Starr Band. After two years or so, I’m finally supposed to see these guys in June. I’m hoping they’ll throw in Rock ‘n’ Roll Hoochie Koo. I’ll go lawdy mama! 🙂


      1. That’s funny. What it really is, is “Lordy, Mama.” “Lawdy” is probably either a Southern contraction or a euphemism for The Lord or both.

        I will definitely listen to the tribute. I’ve been listening to both Winter Brothers, especially Johnny, for as long as I can remember, probably since ‘Second Winter,’ a great album that had three sides (!) of music on release.b

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      2. I really haven’t explored Johnny Winter in greater detail. Now I really want to do that!

        I saw Johnny Winter once in Duesseldorf, Germany, just after I had joined my first band, which was a blues band. We did it as a band excursion. It was a lot of fun!


      3. Saw him a couple times as well. Once when he was big; once in a small club after (or maybe even during) his drug problems. Seedy club, rough crowd.

        Definitely check out ‘Second Winter.’ Johnny was SRV when Stevie was a teenager. Also ‘Still Alive and Well,” and any of his later albums on Alligator.


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