Meanwhile, Some 1,400 Miles South…

…Yes, I guess I’m on a magical Beatles tour today

Yeah, you can call me predictable. For a 40-plus-year-Beatles fan, jumping from Ringo Starr to Paul McCartney really wasn’t exactly a leap. And when I spotted the below clip earlier today, writing about Macca was a no-brainer. While Ringo and His All Starr Band were rockin’ Casino Rama in Ontario, Canada, approximately 1,400 miles to the south Paul McCartney got back to Orlando, Fla., his first time in five years to hit the sunshine state, as noted by Orlando Weekly.

McCartney and his great band have been on the road since late April when they kicked off their Got Back Tour at Spokane Arena in Spokane, Wash. The gig at Orlando’s Camping World Stadium on Saturday night was the 10th show of the 16-date North American tour. Orlando Weekly reported it attracted tens of thousands of folks who “converged from across the state, of all backgrounds and generations, spending a not insignificant amount of hard-earned money to sing long-loved songs together” and were treated for a nearly three-hour set. All you young cat musicians out there, listen up, three hours!

This is what the power of music can do. You may say I’m a dreamer: More music, fewer guns!

Here’s a bit more of what Orlando Weekly had to say about the gig: “McCartney was in prime-form, taking the stage with his iconic Höfner Violin Bass to overjoyed fans. The Beatle turns 80  next month, a stunning revelation considering he played three-dozen songs and a nearly three-hour set. The setlist was majority Beatles classics, a healthy balance of songs from the Fab Four’s expansive discography, while also weaving in Wings’ classics alongside more recent and obscure tracks for “the real ones.” Never before played live included “You Never Give Me Your Money” from the Beatles’ Abbey Road; as well as a virtual duet with John Lennon singing Let It Be’s “I’ve Got a Feeling,” incorporating remastered video from The Beatles’ last rooftop concert 53 years ago.”

Following is You Never Give Me Your Money (evidently without the piano intro), combined with She Came Into the Bathroom Window – oh, that magic feeling! Based on, this was 23 tunes into the show! You also gotta love when Paul after a false start says, “we’re gonna start that again [laughter in the audience], aye, come on, it proves it’s live!” Yes, it is!

Let’s throw in another beautiful moment from that Orlando gig: The finale including Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight and The End. This is followed by Paul’s final words, “Beautiful, thank you so much, and all that’s left to say we’ll see you next time.” Okay, before I’m getting really emotional, let’s play the clip!

Tomorrow, Paul and his band are bringing their show to Thompson Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tenn. The schedule for the remaining dates of the Got Back Tour is here. Taking a peek at Ringo’s remaining tour dates reveals there isn’t any direct overlap with his former Beatles mate.

With Macca playing Baltimore on June 12 and Ringo’s two scheduled gigs there June 14 and June 15, they will just miss each other. Ringo is playing Providence on June 12. But Mr. Starr looks free on June 16 when Macca is wrapping up at MetLife in New Jersey, which is where I’m supposed to see him. Baltimore is only about 200 miles away from East Rutherford, N.J. Now there would be an idea…

Sources: Orlando Weekly;; Paul McCartney website; Ringo Starr website; YouTube

12 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Some 1,400 Miles South…”

  1. I don’t understand how he can do it at 80 years old. It’s so amazing to me. I think of what my grandparents were like when they were in their 80s and can’t imagine how somebody that old can do a concert tour. I’m only 46 and I can’t do shit anymore. heh.

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  2. I feel the same as Kingclover… I just don’t get how they do it. Starr is older than McCartney and he is even more robust but McCartney has to sing and carry that show…it’s incredible that he can do it.

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    1. I think it’s evident how much Ringo and Paul still love to perform for their fans. It feels authentic. To me that’s as important as the actual quality of their performance.

      Paul still doing three-hour gigs/36 songs is just mind-boggling to me. Yes, you can hear his voice has aged, but overall it’s still holding up pretty well. And apparently he doesn’t lower the key even for high-melody tunes.

      And Ringo? He’s just a good-natured likable guy. I think he’d be a lot of fun to hang out with.

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      1. The fact that Paul can sing that good at all…its something special. His voice has aged in the last 10 years but geez…I’m so happy he is still out there.

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      2. Me too, Max, I just can’t help it, I love the man!

        He’s still doing “Helter Skelter” – can you believe that?

        I remember when I saw him last at Hersheypark in July 2016, he performed that tune as well. He sang it with so much power I kept thinking, ‘take it easy, Paul, you’re gonna rip your vocal chords!’ I will say he did appear to have some occasional challenges thereafter when his voice would drift up.

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      3. Wow…I thought he would drop the harder songs for his voice. I’m glad he is still doing that one. The one song I heard him live have trouble doing was My Love…and that was the second time I saw him.

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      4. “My Love” hasn’t been part of his current setlist, which is fine with me, frankly. But other tough ones like “Let It Be” and “Hey Jude” still are. Given how popular these tunes remain, I guess it’s nearly impossible to remove them.

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      5. Yes…I have to say…it’s my least favorite McCartney hit.
        Yea Hey Jude would be tough…that is emotional with everyone singing along


  3. amazing , as others have said here, that he keeps going and doing it, and sounding quite good at that age. I hope I have something resembling that energy when I hit 80 (god willing, that is that I even get that far!). Nice that he plays Knoxville… not that I have a special affiliation for that city, but it’s quite a small market few bands would go to , let alone a superstar.

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