15 thoughts on “Best of What’s New”

  1. The Winston Brothers …how would anyone not like them? That is awesome…it sounds very mid seventies to me. I also liked the Wombats track.
    Always glad to hear Neil whether old or new…he is always Neil.

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    1. Thanks, Max! I had never heard of The Winston Brothers before but, yeah, quite groovy stuff.

      If I recall it correctly, when Mick Jagger began dancing/working out again following his heart surgery, one of the songs he listened to was by The Wombats. I also believe that was a key reason why they ended up becoming the opening act for the Stones during parts of their “No Filter” tour.

      And what can I say about Neil? He continues to be prolific. I still need to spend more time with his new album. There’s an hour long interview on YouTube, which Zane Lowe conducted with Neil and Rick Rubin for Apple Music.

      We’re expecting family visitors later today to stay through Thanksgiving, so not sure when I will get to it. Frankly, between that and work, I may need to take a temporary break from blogging! 🙂

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      1. Yea the break I took helped me a great deal… plus scheduling many posts ahead.
        I have the Winston Brothers on now while I do things around the house:.. good stuff:

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      2. Wow! I should try that approach for my “Song Musings” feature. In theory, I could also create an inventory of “Sunday Six” installments, though these posts take a lot of time to put together. That’s why I usually write them one at a time the day before I post them. Unfortunately, scheduling doesn’t work well for any new music stuff.

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      3. Yes Christian…it really helps! I understand about the new music but the others you can have in storage and guess what? You can comment more and you have time to do life stuff through the week. Now…I really get into my posts and I don’t have to worry about time.
        It gives you time off and away so you can do what you want.

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  2. I wonder why singers have to give themselves these silly names. Maybe ever since St. Vincent. Anyway, I like Weyes Blood. (Very good movie from the story if you’ve never seen it.) Her voice often reminds me of Aimee Mann. Liked the German funk guys, too. Wombats are good even though I’ve often been critical of indie singing this one I like. ” If Zappa, Yes, P-Funk and King Crimson had a love child, it would be named…ShwizZ.” Fucking hilarious. Dug them. Neil Young. I think Neil is to you what the Allmans are to me. Amazing amount of output. Good tune. Are you sure that isn’t Jimmy Fallon? 🤣 Good set.

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