The Hump Day Picker-Upper

Cheering you up for a dreadful Wednesday, one song at a time

For those of us taking care of business during the regular workweek, I guess it’s safe to assume we’ve all felt that dreadful Wednesday blues. Sometimes, that middle point of the workweek can be a true drag. But help is on the way!

Today, the hump day blues doctor prescribes Happy Together by The Turtles. I love everything about this tune and also can’t think of a better song to cheer you up. I can honestly say listening to this tune always puts me at ease. One application should be sufficient, but you can repeat as needed!

Happy Together was co-written by Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon, the bassist and drummer, respectively, of Boston area rock group The Magicians. The Turtles first released the tune as a single on February 14, 1967. It also became the title track of their third studio album that appeared in late April of the same year.

Happy Together turned out to be The Turtles’ biggest hit and only no. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100. It also reached no. 2 in Canada and the top 20 in various other countries, including no. 12 in the UK. The song’s popularity also turned the album into the group’s most successful record, which climbed to no. 25 on the Billboard 200.

According to Songfacts, Happy Together actually is about unrequited love: Our desperate singer wants the girl to “imagine how the world could be so very fine,” proposing what would happen “if I should call you up.” The line in the fadeout, “How is the weather?” is when he realizes they will never be more than passing acquaintances, as he resorts to small talk to keep from bursting into tears. That’s kind of a bummer and also ironic for a song released on Valentine’s Day!

Well, if Songfacts is correct about the lyrics- and to me, it’s one possible interpretation, not crystal clear – the hump day doctor suggests focusing on the upbeat melody and the beautiful harmony singing and ignoring the lyrics!

Happy Hump Day, and always remember the words of the wise George Harrison: All things must pass!

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