Clips & Pix: Elvis Presley/Suspicious Minds

Elvis Presley was my childhood idol. I was nuts about the man. I would try to imitate his hairdo and impersonate him in front of the mirror. Okay, to my defense, I was like 10 years old or so. 🙂

Then came The Beatles. They clearly crowded out Elvis, though he never faded away altogether. While I’m no longer obsessed with Elvis, I continue to believe he was a great vocalist and an amazing performer, especially during his early years. His moves were just crazy.

While Suspicious Minds isn’t from his early career, it’s always been one of my favorite Elvis tunes. The song was co-written by Francis Zambon and Mark James. It was also James who recorded and released it first in 1968. But after his version failed commercially, the song was recorded by Elvis with producer Chips Moman who had also produced James’ take.

Appearing in August 1969, Suspicious Minds became one of the most notable hits for Elvis that helped revive his chart success in the wake of his NBC televised concert ’68 Comeback Special. The tune hit no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Elvis’ 18th and final chart-topping single in the U.S., a success that had eluded him for seven years since his 1962 hit Good Luck Charm.

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube

5 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Elvis Presley/Suspicious Minds”

  1. I read the two books about him last year by Peter Guralnick…man they are awesome. I got into him when I was around 6 or 7… My cousin had one of his greatest hits…the one with the gold records all over it. I loved those 50s songs.
    Same thing with me…when I turned 8 I found the Beatles and never looked back. This one was/is a great song. One of my favorites by him…especially later in his career. This one and his cover of Promised Land.
    Such a voice and charisma. His sixties output… because of the movies don’t thrill me but his late sixties and seventies work I like…In the fifties he was untouchable. He was the man at that time.

    This song fits him so well.

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  2. I just hope you stopped short of wearing those jump suits- I still don’t know what he was thinking… its too bad someone didn’t step up and say NO ELVIS DON’T… I second Max’s recommendation of Peter Guralnick’s two books- no one will tell the Elvis story better– and I would also throw out a recommendation for his book on Sam Phillips.

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    1. Ha! Yes, no jumpsuits. But on a couple of occasions, I put grease in my hair and wore sun glasses! 🙂

      At the time, I also read an Elvis biography. I don’t recall the author’s name but bet he wasn’t German and that the whole thing was translated.

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