Clips & Pix: Niedeckens BAP/Halv Su Wild

These days, the U.S. is going through so much pain and despair. It truly feels like unprecedented times, at least to me. While it’s important to acknowledge the two epidemics of COVID-19 and systemic racism and hold those who call themselves leaders responsible, I also believe it’s critical never to lose hope. Never to give up.

One of the many beautiful things music can do is to help lift our spirits. Here’s a great picker upper from my favorite German rock band BAP or Niedeckens BAP, as they have been known since September 2014: Halv su wild (things aren’t as bad). The title track from their 16th studio album released in March 2011 has cheered me up more than once when I felt down.

Like all of the band’s lyrics, the words were written by founder Wolfgang Niedecken. The music of this particular tune was composed by him and his main songwriting partner at the time, former lead guitarist Helmut Krumminga.

The above clip is from a concert that was part of a tour to celebrate BAP’s 40th anniversary, which I was fortunate to attend during a visit to Germany in June 2016. The line-up featured Krumminga’s excellent successor Ulrich Rode.

Of course, I realize most readers don’t understand German – not to speak of Kölsch, the regional dialect in which Niedeckens performs the songs, and that is spoken in the area of Cologne. Following is a rough translation. Admittedly, it sounds much better in Kölsch, but I hope you get the point!

Hey what’s going on, don’t tell me you’ve given up.You’re right things are tough, but no matter what happens, the sun is rising, even though the night seems to be endless. Trust in what the new day brings before you’re consumed by self-doubt.

Things aren’t as bad, just wait and you will see. Definitely, things aren’t as bad, it’s gonna work out. Believe me, things aren’t as bad, no matter how much you despair. The world won’t come to an end. Things aren’t as bad.

Hey man, stop now, you will see land again. Don’t have doubts, you know what you can do. Don’t hide behind a wall, no, you have to get out. Sure, it’s a shitty situation, but, hey, shit happens!

Things aren’t as bad, just wait and you will see. Definitely, things aren’t as bad, it’s gonna work out. Believe me things aren’t as bad, no matter how much you despair. The world won’t come to an end. Things aren’t as bad.

The person who manages to take away our joy to live still needs to be born. It’s not a problem…no, it’s really not.

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube

4 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: Niedeckens BAP/Halv Su Wild”

  1. I’ve only seen pictures of Germany but I love the architecture, food, and the beautiful landscape I’ve seen in some of it.
    I do like his voice and the melody sounds great but yea…I’m lost on what he is singing but it sounds really good.

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    1. BAP are an institution in Germany. I also think their music is definitely up to international standards. Wolfgang Niedecken is also a quite literate, intellectual guy who has written some great lyrics.

      I know it’s a big statement to make, but in some regards, he is comparable to Dylan and Springsteen who are two major influences. In fact, he’s friends with the Boss!

      But of course, not only is everything sung in German, it’s all in a dialect spoken in the area of Cologne. Not even all folks in Germany understand it! 🙂

      But while the band’s first lead guitarist and Niedecken’s close songwriting partner eventually wanted them to start singing in English, that was never a question for Niedecken. This actually was the main reason the guitarist left the band in the late ’90s after close to 20 years.

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      1. I respect him for sticking to his guns. It does limit his options but obviously he is great at what he does. His voice is unique and even with the language barrier and I like it. Music should be universal… and the mood it sets really is.

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      2. While he can sometimes come across as being a bit stubborn, Wolfgang Niedecken definitely isn’t a sellout, and I respect him for that as well. He’s also among the German artists who for decades have spoken up against nationalism and hostility towards immigrants. Unfortunately, it’s a cancer no country seems to be immune against.

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