The Hump Day Picker-Upper

Cheering you up for a dreadful Wednesday, one song at a time

For those of us taking care of business during the regular workweek, I guess it’s safe to assume we’ve all felt that dreadful Wednesday blues. Sometimes, that middle point of the workweek can be a true drag. But help is on the way!

Today, the music doctor’s prescription is Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow, one of my favorite long-time female artists. Every time I hear the catchy pop-rock song, it chases any clouds away that may bother me. I also love the line, It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got. So here you go, take it all in and lighten up!

Soak Up the Sun, co-written by Crow and her longtime collaborator Jeff Trott, was first released in February 2002 as the lead single for her fourth studio C’mon, C’mon, which appeared in April that year.

According to Wikipedia, the tune was written after Crow and Trott discussed the weather during a flight from Portland, Ore. to New York City. At the time, Crow was also recovering from surgery, inspiring the two of them to write a happy song that would cheer her up.

Soak Up the Sun became Crow’s first no. 1 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 Airplay; it reached no. 17 on the Hot 100 mainstream chart. Outside the U.S., the song topped the charts in Japan, reached no. 16 in the UK, and climbed to no. 24 in Canada.

Happy Hump Day, and always remember the words of the wise George Harrison: All things must pass!

Sources: Wikipedia; YouTube


4 thoughts on “The Hump Day Picker-Upper”

  1. She does have some catchy songs. Unlike a lot of her peers I’m glad she stayed with a more rock path instead of pure pop complete with dancers. I saw her open for the Stones…she was great.

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    1. To me, Sheryl Crow is the real deal – a talented artist who is involved in writing the music she performs and also is a muscian. She has a good ear for catchy melodies. I also like the rock and country influences in her music.

      I would have loved to see her open up for the Stones. This sounds like fun. Both times I saw the Stones, there was no opening act.

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    1. “My Favorite Mistake” is great. If I would call out one tune, it would be “If It Makes You Happy.”

      There are many others I like as well, such as “All I Wanna Do”, “A Change Would Do You Good”, “Good Is Good”, “Shine Over Baylon”, “Summer Day” and “Alone in the Dark”.


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