Clips & Pix: George Harrison/Taxman

I just returned from the movies where I watched Concert For George, a documentary about a fantastic George Harrison tribute show Eric Clapton and Jeff Lynne put together with Dhani Harrison and Olivia Harrison at the magnificent Royal Albert Hall in London on November 29, 2002. I could easily go on raving about it. For now all I want to say is, if you’re a fan of Harrison’s music, you should absolutely catch this film, which is available on DVD and is still on in certain select movie theaters. For listings you can check here.

With my mind still very much set on Harrison, undoubtedly because of the amazing documentary, I’m publishing my third and last post (promise!) to celebrate what would have been his 75th birthday today (February 25). The above clip of Taxman is from a concert in Japan in December 1991, which Harrison conducted as part of a joint tour with Eric Clapton. The tour was also documented with the double album Live In Japan that came out in July 1992.

Taxman is one of three Harrison compositions that appear on Revolver, The Beatles’ seventh studio album released in August 1966. His two other contributions for that record were Love You To and I Want To Tell You.

Sources: Concert For George official website, Wikipedia, YouTube


3 thoughts on “Clips & Pix: George Harrison/Taxman”

  1. I watched the Concert on, I think, iTunes a while back. Lo though I tried, I could not watch the Ravi Shankar part. Indian music does almost nothing for me. (Although I do like George’s “The Inner Light.” Safe to assume you’ve heard SRV’s version of “Taxman?” If it doesn’t play you can catch it on Spotify.

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    1. I didn’t know SRV’s version – damn, whatever this guy touched turned out pretty awesome!

      As for “Concert For George,” I really loved it. BTW, I’m also not a fan of Indian music, though I don’t mind listening to it. Plus, similar to “Concert For Bangladesh,” I thought it was a relatively small part of the film/event.

      Overall, not only was the caliber of the participating artists remarkable, but these guys were really bringing it.

      Once again, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers demonstrated how great they were at playing covers. Other personal favorites included “My Sweet Lord” with Billy Preston on vocals and “The Inner Light” with Jeff Lynne and Shankar’s daughter on sitar – admittedly, I started tearing up a bit during both!

      “Old Brown Shoe” with Gary Brooker on vocals was great as well.

      Also, do you happen to know this English vocalist Sam Brown? Her 1988 debut album “Stop!,” which mixes pop, blues and soul, was quite well received at the time, at least in Germany. Brown did a song called “Horse to the Water,” which I honestly had not known. Man, that woman gives me the goosebumps when she lets loose – I hear some Aretha in there!

      I could go on raving and, yes, I’m probably somewhat biased. 🙂


      1. It’s been a while since I saw it but I dunno, the Shankar thing seemed to go on forever. I tried to watch it but it just wasn’t happening. I’ve found that Petty and Harrison weren’t just bandmates they were great friends. As to the rest of the show, it’s been over a year since I saw it so I don’t remember a lot. I was unaware of George’s birthday but had been thinking of re-watching it. As to Sam Brown, no, doesn’t ring any bells. Another one of the many I missed.


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