Neil Young Releases Second Upfront Single From “The One That Got Away”

Evidently trying to build some buzz ahead of Homegrown, Neil Young on Friday released Vacancy, the second single from his long-awaited album that originally was supposed to come out in 1975. It’s a classic Young mid-tempo rocker he wrote and, as reported by Ultimate Classic Rock, one of seven tracks that were never issued on any other of his subsequent albums.

Homegrown was recorded at Young’s Broken Arrow Ranch Studio in 1974 and early 1975, and features Stan Szelest (organ), Ben Keith (lap steel), Tim Drummond (bass) and Karl T. Himmel (drums). Additionally, there are guest appearances by Levon Helm and Emmylou Harris. Originally, this album was scheduled to come out after Harvest and prior to Comes a Time.

I apologize, wrote Young on his website back in February. This album ‘Homegrown’ should have been there for you a couple of years after ‘Harvest.’ It’s the sad side of a love affair. The damage done. The heartache. I just couldn’t listen to it. I wanted to move on. So I kept it to myself, hidden away in the vault, on the shelf, in the back of my mind…but I should have shared it. The love affair Young alluded to was his relationship with actress Carrie Snodgress from late 1970 until 1975.

The album is actually beautiful, Young went on. That’s why I made it in the first place. Sometimes life hurts. You know what I mean. Anyway, it’s coming your way in 2020, the first release from our archive in the new decade.

Five of Homegrown’s 12 tracks were previously released on other Young albums: Love is a Rose (Decade, 1977), the title track (American Stars ‘n Bars, 1977), White Line (Ragged Glory, 1990), Little Wing (Hawks & Doves, 1980) and Star of Bethlehem (American Stars ‘n Bars).

Homegrown was recorded in analog and mastered to vinyl from the original master tapes, restored with love by John Hanlon, Young further explained. This album, in vinyl, displays the beauty, feeling and depth of music recorded in the analog domain, before digital. It’s the perfect example of why I can’t forget how good music used to sound.

This is the one that got away…Well, while 45 years certainly is a long time, I have no doubt many Neil Young fans will be excited and think it was worth the wait! Homegrown is scheduled for June 19.

Sources: Wikipedia; Ultimate Classic Rock; Neil Young website; YouTube


9 thoughts on “Neil Young Releases Second Upfront Single From “The One That Got Away””

  1. The riff sounds familiar – like he re-used it somewhere. I haven’t checked in on Hitchhiker from a few years ago either, despite enjoying Young’s initial 1970s releases. A couple of songs from the impeding album (Love Is A Rose, Star of Bethlehem) ended up on Decade, and a couple more ended up on 1980s and 1990s records. But sounds like I should check this one out sometime – song sounds good.

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    1. I kind of felt the same about the riff, i.e., that I had heard it somewhere before. It’s kind of a bluesy riff, which perhaps explains it.

      While it’s true that tunes like “Homegrown” and “Love Is a Rose” were previously released, apparently there are seven tunes that were not. So this should definitely be interesting!

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    1. It’s kind of fascinating this material has been sitting in the vault for 45 years! Well, at least that’s the case for seven of the 12 tunes. Other songs like the title track, “Love is a Rose” and “Star of Bethlehem” were released before, though maybe in different versions – not 100 percent sure!

      And, yep, on the same day as Dylan – two giants of the “old folk and rock guard.”

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      1. I wish more artists had these albums sitting around lol. I’m really looking forward to this one. Love is a Rose is a great song.

        I’m waiting for the Stones to dig up something from their seventies run…there must be some extra songs that survived.


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