8 thoughts on “No Meteor Shower Over Central N.J. Sunday Night But Stars Were Still Aligned”

  1. So cool that Little Steven made an appearance. And in NJ where the audience had more of a chance to know him. He’s got a new live album out from his most recent tour that we might review at some point.

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    1. Little Steven is a cool dude. I dig the Soulfire album, on which the live album is based and went to one of the gigs of the supporting tour.

      The concert was almost like a live presentation of Little Steven’s Underground Garage where he commented on different songs and periods in music. The Disciples Of Soul were an amazing backing band. It was definitely a very memorable show!

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      1. Yes I loved him since Men without Women. Saw him in Philly in this tour at a places called Electric Factory. Agreed it was awesome show!

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  2. Great review, Thanks. Re: Superstition…(wiki)Jeff Beck was an admirer of Wonder’s music, and Wonder was informed of this prior to the Talking Book album sessions. Though at this point he was virtually playing all of the instruments on his songs by himself, Wonder still preferred to let other guitarists play on his records, and he liked the idea of a collaboration with Beck, a star-in-the-making guitarist. An agreement was quickly made for Beck to become involved in the sessions that became the Talking Book album, in return for Wonder writing him a song.

    In between the album sessions, Beck came up with the opening drum beat. When Wonder heard the beat being played, he told Beck to keep playing while he improvised over the top of it. Wonder ended up improvising most of the song, including the riff, on the spot. In addition to the opening drum beat, Beck, together with Wonder, created the first rough demo for the song later that same day.[5][6]

    After finishing the lyrics, arrangement, production and recording of the song, Wonder decided that he would allow Beck to record “Superstition” as part of their agreement. Originally, the plan was for Beck to release his version of the song first, with his newly formed power trio Beck, Bogert & Appice. However, due to the combination of the trio’s debut album getting delayed and Motown CEO Berry Gordy’s prediction that “Superstition” would be a huge hit and greatly increase the sales of Talking Book, Wonder ended up releasing the song as the Talking Book lead single months ahead of Beck’s version.[7]

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    1. Thanks and also appreciate the background on Superstition!

      As I was reading, I remembered having heard about Beck’s involvement in this gem before, possibly also through Wikipedia.

      I dig both Wonder’s version and Beck’s take.


  3. Cool show plus Van Zandt, eh? In my wildest dreams, I would never have thought, gee, Paul Rodgers, Ann Wilson and Jeff Beck should tour! I thought about going to this one but boy, I’m tiring of big rock shows. Just watching these videos makes me feel like I’m there. Maybe I’m just getting old, cranky, and claustrophobic.

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    1. It was pretty much what I expected. I know you prefer small venues and definitely get your point about large-scale shows being tiresome. I guess my desire to see certain artists is still bigger than my aversion to big crowds.😜

      I also would consider PNC Bank Arts Center midsize, so to me it offers a reasonable option between a large-scale venue like MetLife Stadium where I saw U2 and Bruce Springsteen and a small music club.


      1. Right. And all that said, would I go back to a big arena for the right band? Hell, yeah. I just saw Skynyrd at one. I’d very much like to see Chicago. So, like you, my desire to see certain artists is bigger than aversion to crowds. But the number of big artists I want to see is dwindling anyway so it’s probably a moot point. Eventually it’ll all be small clubs with perhaps the occasional Springsteen extravaganza.

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